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The real estate broker is at the heart of your purchase project

Discover the exclusive benefits offered by our Sutton Québec real estate brokers.



The role of the real estate broker

Sutton real estate brokers manage all the essential information needed for a successful purchase and are constantly in contact with several stakeholders (seller, broker, mortgage representative, inspector, appraiser, notary, etc.).

By thorough analysis of your current and future needs, we will determine the type of property that is best for you. Even though you can browse the internet for properties for sale, we are the only ones that have the complete set of listings on the market.

Sutton Québec real estate brokers: some benefits

More listings

We help you find the property that best suits your needs. We have access to properties that have been temporarily removed from the market, properties that are no longer on the market and foreclosures. Overall, we can offer you a large variety of properties that you cannot find on your own.   

The discovery of the district

We provide you with important information regarding the neighborhood. We also help you discover other neighborhoods depending on your preferences.

Being the first to know

We’re always on top of things. You will be informed immediately when new listings are released to the market.

Market data

We give you access to all the sales on the market. This will help you understand how the real estate industry works and where you stand in relation to other buyers and sellers.  


Saving time

We plan visits accordingly. You will only visit properties that meet your real estate purchase criteria. We ask you the right questions and ensure that you are fully aware of the current state of each property that interests you.

The purchase offer

We complete the purchase offer. We have received the necessary training to do so and are familiarized with all legal issues.  


We have the fundamental skills to negotiate on your behalf so that you obtain the best conditions possible. We gladly clarify the terms of the offer and guarantee that the terms are in your interests, and not in those of the seller. We consider ourselves an ideal partner to verify the accuracy of the various documents needed to complete your purchase. He is vigilant about inclusions and exclusions.

The inspection

We help you with the arrangements needed to properly inspect the property. Following the inspection, we will give you our professional advice on the assessments reached in the inspection and evaluation reports. We will read the certificate of location and recommend the best mortgage representative.

Your broker's remuneration

The remuneration that Sutton real estate brokers will earn from the sale will come from the amount agreed to in the initial sales contract established between the seller and the broker.

As a team, a Sutton real estate broker will strive to find the perfect listings for you, saving you time and money.

Avoid working with the real estate broker you see on the property for sale signs; this broker is already under contract with the seller and is committed to protect their interests. Choose to work with a Sutton real estate broker who is willing to understand your goals and become your partner protecting your interests throughout your purchase.


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