Calculating moving costs

The costs of a move can vary widely depending on how, where and also the volume. In any case, anticipating them will allow you to reduce them and better manage the unforeseen. Sutton Québec offers you a list of all the costs to be expected according to your moving project.

Equipment to pack and protect your belongings

In all possible and imaginable contexts of a move, there is a common need: all the material to pack and protect your belongings. The difference in budget is played on the volume and therefore the quantity of material will be more or less high.

Find boxes to move

Several solutions are available to you: used boxes, new boxes or reusable plastic boxes.

  • New or used boxes

You have a wide choice of signs offering the purchase of new or used boxes: Bureau en Gros, La Cartonnerie Montreal, Canadian Tire, Walmart etc.

Count between $ 2 and $ 4 per box! So a small envelope between $ 40 and $ 150 depending on the volume. Example for a 3 ½, count around 30 boxes, a budget of around $ 60 in the best case.

You can even find unusual boxes like wardrobe boxes on the Uline site. Starting at $ 15 a box, the price of the facility with less ironing on arrival ;)

  • Free used boxes 

With a crafty temperament, you just have to ask around for free moving boxes. Ask your grocery store or your entourage, maybe someone knows someone who works in a logistics company or other ... because boxes, there are everywhere! This solution just takes a little more planning, but it can save you between $ 40 and $ 150. 

  • Rental of reusable plastic boxes

A more ecological method, consider renting reusable boxes. The company Polarbox or even GoBAC offer this service in Montreal, count $ 78 for the rental of 25 boxes with a volume of 2.5 cubic feet for a week. You can rent the boxes for longer but it's more expensive ... you win a challenge to unpack your boxes quickly ;) They also offer wardrobe boxes!

Rental of reusable plastic boxes

List of miscellaneous equipment for protecting and packaging

Here is the list of everything you will need to prepare for your move:

  • gummed tape: $ 5
  • tape guns: $ 15
  • bubble wrap: $ 10 to $ 30
  • marker: $ 4
  • cutter: $ 10
  • mattress protection: $ 10
  • blankets: $ 20

The budget can quickly climb between $ 60 and $ 100.

La Cartonnerie Montreal offers removal sets with several types of used boxes, tape, marker and protection. Count $ 89 for the equipment of a two-room apartment.


Calling on the strength of friends and family will cost you $ 50 in good pizza. Budget a little more for equipment like gloves ($ 5), ratchet set ($ 35) or even the rental of a dolly-truck ($ 10). Again, it all depends on what you already have or what those around you can lend you ;)

You can also hire professional movers who will take care of the loading with their own equipment. The prices vary a lot according to the period, $ 100 to $ 160  / h for 3 men. Be careful on July 1st, prices soar up to $ 250 / h.

To choose your mover, 3 points must be checked:

  • that its insurance covers the replacement value in the event of a problem
  • its registration in the register of the Commission des transports du Québec
  • if he has been the subject of a complaint or conviction, information available from the Transport Committee.


Idea of the day: and why not by bike?

Are you moving within 10 kilometers? Myette is a company that offers an ecological alternative for short distances. Its founder, Julien Myette is a passionate cyclist, trained engineer and moving professional. He created this ecological, economical and very nice solution!

moving bike montreal

Rent a moving truck

Again, moving truck rental prices vary depending on the period, size, and miles to be driven. Count around $ 120 a day for a 15-foot truck. This price can greatly increase in the period of July 1st, count $ 250.

One of the most popular truck rental franchises is Discount. To know which volume to choose for your truck, have fun with a simulator!

Container rental and long-distance shipping

moving contener

For long-distance moves, you can rent a container and hire a carrier.

For international moves, it is important to be well supervised and trust professionals. Intraglobe and AMJ Campbell offer tailor-made services. Your belongings will leave in private or shared containers which are cheaper and by sea. For this type of project, which is more substantial, we are talking about a budget of several thousand dollars with also good insurance.


If you are in the process of selling or buying a property, you may need to store your furniture. Compare the prices of warehouses and storage units. Go Cube offers a price starting at $ 115 / month.

You are all set for a successful move! Don't forget to make your address changes ;)

Good moving!

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