The maintenance of its garden in November (just before winter)

There is no shortage of work in autumn: the garden must be cleaned before winter.

Here is your "gardening in November'' To-Do list.


- Pick up dead leaves and use them to

ramassage feuilles en automne

* the compost.
In colder periods, remember to cover the compost pile with a thick layer of dead leaves. When spring returns, the compost will have to be discovered.
* For making protection for fragile plants against cold.

-  Protect fragile plants and trees from frost

Protéger plante contre le gel

* As previously mentioned, use autumn leaves to protect fragile plants.

* Also use a transparent plastic tarp, which is stretched by stakes at the four corners or supported in the centre to ensure aeration.

* Surround shrubs with jute or geotextile cloth. Avoid plastics that prevent air from circulating properly.