The importance of home insurance as a tenant

For most of us, we all have home insurance.

It is very important to have one in order to protect our home and our furniture.

However, home insurance may seem optional to many.

Useful home insurance even if you are a tenant.
Even if you are a tenant, you will need home insurance because the owner’s will not compensate the tenant in case of fire, theft and various other claims.

- Tenant insurance has a facet that protects property, that is, all personal property that is in the dwelling and that belongs to the tenant.
It includes another guarantee of civil liability that covers the damage to property and property that the insured could cause unintentionally in the dwelling of a third person, or to the person directly.

- The owner’s insurance protects the building and will compensate for damage to the building and property in the building owned by the owner. This insurance also includes a guarantee of civil liability which will cover damage to property and property caused to other persons as a result of the lease of the property.

Don’t forget to declare your pets

Another point that is important not to neglect when it comes to making the decision to purchase home insurance is the declaration of your pet.

It’s really not safe to be a tenant with an animal without a home insurrance, and even if you have one, it would be even less prudent not to report your pet. Certainly that statement can increase your premium, but you could certainly avoid serious complications and astronomical expenses if you don’t.

You have an obligation to report your pets to your insurance company, which otherwise may even cancel your policy on a claim. For example, if you live in a semi-furnished home and your dog or cat is causing damage to property owned by your landlord, you may be covered. Also, as we saw earlier, home insurance with a third-party liability, if there is an outside incident caused by your pet, you may also be compensated because liability coverage also covers you outside your home.

Trying to save a few pennies by minimizing the importance of home insurance could cost you very much!