The importance of home insurance when you are a tenant

It may seem optional to many, but home insurance is actually essential. To protect yourself, your home and your furniture, it is important to take out home insurance that will take away many worries. Sutton Quebec comes back to this protection that should not be neglected because the consequences can be terrible.

Why home insurance when you are a tenant?

Home insurance is not only useful for homeowners, it should be purchased even as a tenant AND even if it is not a legal requirement. And if you tell yourself it's not useful because you don't own any furniture or valuables ... think again because it goes way beyond what you own! 

This is because your landlord's insurance will not compensate you as a tenant in the event of fire, theft and various other disasters. It is better in this case not to take a chance, especially when you know the financial consequences of a disaster. So, if you have water damage in your home and it destroys the parquet, walls and / or your furniture, all repairs will be your responsibility and this can represent thousands of dollars. 

The prices are more and more competitive; it is therefore an amount to spend to protect yourself. Do not hesitate to compare several insurance companies to get the best rate for equal benefits.


What does tenant insurance cover?

what a tenant's home insurance covers

Your personal property

Your tenant insurance has a facet that protects your property, that is, all personal property in the home that belongs to you.

You, the others

It includes another guarantee of civil liability which covers material and bodily damage that the insured could involuntarily cause in the accommodation of a third person, or to the person directly. This responsibility also follows the members of the household, both inside and outside the home.

Don't forget to declare your pets

Indeed, do not neglect the declaration of your animal. Better to be careful. It is certain that this statement can increase your premium, only you could certainly save yourself serious complications and astronomical expenses if you don't. 

Be aware that you have an obligation to declare your animals to your insurance company, which otherwise could even cancel your policy upon a claim.

declare your pets home insuranceFor example, if you live in a semi-furnished accommodation and your dog or cat causes damage to property belonging to your landlord, you may be covered. 

Also, as we have seen previously, home insurance including a civil liability component, if an incident occurs outside caused by your animal, you could also be compensated because the civil liability protection also covers you outside your home. 

Anticipate the date of the contract on the first day of your rental, even before your move.


Risks without home insurance

They are huge and if insurance covers up to $ 1 million or $ 2 million, you can see how big things can be. In the event of liability, you will be responsible for the costs of material, bodily and moral damage. What ensues when monies are beyond your reach are lawsuits and wage garnishments. Some people see their lives fall apart because of one negligence: that of not having purchased home insurance.


Life is always punctuated with hassles and mishaps so don't think of saving a few pennies by downplaying the importance of home insurance. It could cost you dearly.