Winter is the right time to buy ....

A cottage.

Winter is certainly the right time to buy a cottage.Take advantage of current opportunities.

- Sellers are usually very motivated. For those who put their cottage up for sale at this time of year, winter maintenance costs such as heating are costs that the current owners would do well without and therefore want to shorten the posting time. Contact a real estate broker who will accompany you in this project to help you negotiate purchase prices.

- In winter, with less greenery, bushy trees around the residence, you have a better view of the outside and a good view of the neighbourhood and a better idea of the degree of intimacy. Also, you can get an idea of the insulation of the building because it is possible that you will be less present in winter, but will still have to insure heating costs.If the insulation is poor, you will be in a position to have an overview of your heating costs and whether or not to plan for insulation work. This may influence the negotiation of the purchase price.

- It may also be possible to rent the cottage during these off-peak periods and thus "test" your next acquisition.

- Also, the purchase of a cottage, as a general rule, may be an interesting investment because the scarcity and value of these types of homes are becoming more and more important from year to year. The number of registrations for cottages is already well down but the downward curve is underway so it’s not too late to take advantage of a market that could make you big in the coming years.

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