Inclusions and exclusions when purchasing a property

Inclusions and exclusions can be a source of contention when selling/buying property. It is important to be well informed when you find the property you want. During your visit, it is possible that the luxurious chandelier of the dining room is part of one of the details that have decided you for this choice. Only, do you know that it is possible that this element is not included in the sale (If it was on the seller’s exclusion list and you did not change it, your seller could have it replaced by a more classic chandelier when he left.). Your dining room may be quite different when you move in from the dining room you saw during your visit.

Here is what is important to know in order to be well prepared.

Inclusions and exclusions are, in principle, mentioned in the promise to purchase, hence the need to be accompanied by a real estate broker who helps you fill out this document. This section is of great importance and needs to be completed carefully. If you liked the above ground pool you saw in the garden and you do not mention it in the exclusions, you may not see it when you move in.

Also, as a seller, it is very important to take note of what the buyer might ask for and use it for negotiation.In this case, your real estate broker will be of great help to you.


* Inclusions in all cases

As a general rule, installations that are an integral part of the building such as heating equipment, chandeliers are automatically excluded.

* Inclusions and exclusions

- Items that are not permanently attached to the building may be included or excluded from a transaction, such as appliances.

- As a buyer, it is very important that you specify more clearly and in detail all the elements you want to keep when you purchase. Your broker will ensure that you negotiate everything you have entered in the event of a refusal.
- The same applies to exclusions. Because it is possible you really don't like that some elements and it will be more difficult for you to get rid of them during your installation. 

Be wise and get real professional advice.