A home-made skating rink for your winter

If you have a large space in your backyard, have you thought about creating a home rink?It would be a good idea for the holiday season!Its construction and maintenance are not so complicated and are within everyone’s reach, provided the following steps are followed.


And if you have a beautiful lawn that appears every year in your yard, don’t worry, this rink will not have a negative impact on it by planning to lay polyethylene sheets (assembled with silicones or duct tape) to protect it. Polyethylene sheets also help keep the rink strong because when temperatures rise, the melting ice will not be absorbed by the ground.

On top of that, plan a nearby water outlet, which does not freeze, and possibly lights if you want to skate in the evening.

- As a first step, delineate the location that will be dedicated to the rink and then provide a 2 to 4 foot corridor around the rink to clear the snow.This location should be as flat and horizontal as possible.

- Prepare the base by packing about 10 cm of snow with a shovel, a lawn roller. If there is too much snow on the ground, repel the surplus on the edges for the realization of the edges, or add more. Note that this border should consist of a strip of snow about 60 cm high.

- For ice formation, wait for this base to cool for at least 2 consecutive nights with a temperature below -10 degrees Celsius. Sprinkle with a watering can in the form of a fine rain, ideally. You can water the rink at once and then wait for it to freeze, or proceed in sections. If you need to water again, wait 2 to 4 hours between each watering. Be careful when watering not to make holes in the snow base.

- For its maintenance, you will have to clean the ice after each use and/or snowfall with a snow shovel (for a big cleaning) or a brush brush (for a quick maintenance). If you are using a snow plow, water your rink again just after (preferably when the temperature is between -7°C and -18°C. If you see holes, fill them with snow, but no water.

- Following these steps is likely to make your winter more joyful and lively than the previous ones.

And if you don’t have a large garden at home, talk to your neighbours and find an open space around your homes that could be used for a large neighbourhood rink.