Incorporate light therapy into your decoration.

With the well-established winter season, the lack of light is increasingly being felt.And it affects our mental health and well-being on a daily basis.

Light therapy is a way to remedy these few winter sicknesses. Thus, thanks to suitable lamps, it is possible to reproduce sunlight.

Here is the opportunity to integrate some elements in its decoration in winter with decorative lamps but also adapted to this treatment.

Kill two birds with one stone and revitalize your interiors, no matter what your style.

You can use:

- Basic lamps: simple lamps with basic shapes that diffuse a white and soft light that you can easily place in any space.

Lampes de luminothérapie

Lampes de luminothérapie

- More original and discreet models that differ from basic lamps.So there are stand-up lamps, desk lamps, ceiling lights that will emit this light mimicking the sunlight in a more localized way.

Lampes de luminothérapie Lampes de luminothérapie

- Connected modelsCertain connected objects such as alarm clocks, flower pots include an option that can trigger this white light at any time.

Lampes de luminothérapie Lampes de luminothérapie

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