What lighting for your coloured walls?

Do you know that lighting influences the perception of the colours of your walls and furniture in your interiors.

Depending on the type of lighting, your walls will not have the same visual effect.

Let’s quickly look at artificial lighting. There are several variants that diffuse a color of light specific to each.

* Halogen lighting emits almost white light, which is closest to natural noon light.

* Fluorescent light emits bluish light.

* Glowing light emits yellow light.

How to illuminate its interior according to the color of its walls? Here are some examples:

- red walls:

Brighten up the lighting types to highlight your brightly colored wall.

- The yellowing walls

reflect and warm the light. For light yellow walls, choose light bulbs with white light to create a sunny atmosphere.For darker yellow walls, choose a white light approaching daylight in order to cool the color of light and avoid getting a glow in your too yellow-orange space.

- The walls beiges

Ain order to keep the atmosphere soft, quiet, calm that provide the beige walls, choose lighting with low power LED bulbs.

- Green walls

can give a very different perception in the evening with artificial light. To preserve their appearance, avoid the yellow lights that can distort them and choose a light with a light that is as close as possible to that of the sun at noon in summer.

- The turquoise walls

will like natural and white lighting. Choose white neutral halogens for natural lighting.

Adopt the atmosphere that suits you!