Pot grow-ops: taking every precaution.

Do you know what a pot grow-ops is. These are houses that have been identified as having been used or used for the cultivation of marijuanas. Although the Cannabis Act is now in force, production or cultivation of cannabis remains illegal in Quebec except for authorized medical purposes.

Thus, the seller of a property must disclose to potential buyers the existence of a current or past culture in his property.

Only if this mention is not disclosed to us as a future buyer, there are some clues that may reveal this fact. Here is a list, not exhaustive of these clues that you will be able to note during your visits but which will also be and especially escalated to you by an inspection and or your real estate broker.

  • the home is put back on the market very quickly;
  • the home has very little furniture;
  • electricity bills are high or show a significant variation;
  • electric meter has been tampered with, e.g. roof mast has been sectioned before the meter;
  • new roof mast;
  • signs of high humidity, including in attic space (waterlogged insulation, blackened deck);
  • ice forms outside vents or chimneys;
  • presence of dehumidifiers in unusual and inappropriate locations;
  • traces of humidity in fireplace;
  • signs of corrosion on electrical outlets or switches, metal post bases, etc.;
  • spongy floors;
  • perfume to mask the smell of rot;
  • lifted wallpaper or peeling paint;
  • newly painted ceilings and window frames;
  • need to measure ambient humidity rate (with bulb hygrometer) or in walls (with hygrometer);
  • very strong, unusual smell;
  • mould spores forming on north wall or in unventilated spaces (mould is caused by the presence of humidity, heat and cellulose [wood, cardboard, skin]);
  • mould stains on walls;
  • repaired holes about a foot in diameter in closet floors and ceilings, basement dividing walls or near roof mast;
  • drywall bulging, recessed nails in ceiling;
  • chimney not connected in the attic.

Source: Oaciq