Watch out for manual snow removal!

Manual snow removal is the method of snow removal with a simple snow shovel.

To avoid accidents, here are some rules you should follow:

- Wear waterproof boots to protect your feet and legs.

- Cover your head and hands to avoid freezing.

- Do not do manual snow removal if the temperature is close to -40°C without wind, or -25°C with wind.

- A layer of wax or table oil can be applied to the shovel before use to make it easier for snow to come off.

- Accumulated snow must not be too thick and above all must not be deposited on the sidewalk, on the pavement or on fountains.


- Your snow shovel should be light, with a handle long enough to keep you from working too leaning, a blade not too big and a handle made of plastic or wood rather than metal, a conductive cold material.

- When snow removal is complete, make surfaces non-slip. As a general rule, the application of sand or gravel (recoverable for reuse) is sufficient. If additional deglazing is required, use a flux such as magnesium, calcium or potassium chloride that is considered to be much less harmful to the environment and more effective than ice salt.

Get to your shovels!