Some tips to paint your walls like a real professional.

In anticipation of the resale of your property, do you want to carry out renovations and refreshments of your interiors?

You can save on your costs by painting the walls yourself.

Here are some tips to allow you to refresh all your walls as if you had hired a professional.

- First of all, clean your paint rolls and brushes (old or new) with hot water.

- Restore your old dry brushes by soaking them in hot vinegar for about 30 minutes.

- Clean your walls with a dusting wiper.

- Make a tool to paint hard-to-reach surfaces with a buffer glued to a mixing stick.

- Carefully cover all furniture and floors with plastic.For furniture that can move easily, put it in another room.

- Use a large rubber band that you put around your gallon of paint ( height) to use it to remove excess paint from the brush, instead of using the top edge of the gallon.

- For visible screws that you do not want to paint, coat them with petroleum jelly so that you can easily scrape the paint that will stick to them.

- When you start painting, keep a damp cloth and cotton swabs with you to correct any errors and excesses.

- Start with hard-to-reach areas, edges and corners of walls

- Do one wall at a time.

- With the roller, apply the paint with zigzags and not straight lines or shapes as if you were writing large letters M and Z.

- Do not push too hard on your brushes while painting. If the old color is still visible, pass several layers and remember to apply a primer layer.

- Remove the adhesive tapes, which you will have glued to have perfect delineations, before the paint is dry.