Tips for a successful photo shoot and sell your property

An essential step in the sale of your home, a photo shoot is the first tool to seduce potential buyers. Therefore prepare it carefully. At Sutton Quebec, it is carried out by a professional: your broker or an independent photographer. It is also and above all a team effort! Here are all our tips for a successful photo shoot of your property.

The tip that sums it all up: Take the time

This is the first tip that will introduce the following tips. Why take the time to prepare the photo shoot of your property or condo for sale? Because the tips below simply take time. They are however necessary for the success of the sale of your property. Beautiful photos increase requests for information, the sale will be completed faster.

The photoshoot is prepared before D-Day, it is a real teamwork between you and your real estate broker. He provides a service, he implements his know-how, his skills: manage the framing, the lighting, provide advice or even move furniture as needed. Your role: that everything is ready to welcome it! All of our brokers do not have the same affinities with the world of photography, rest assured, in this case they are using a professional photographer.

Tip n ° 1: Clean and store

Here’s some advice which is worth remembering. There is no point in cleaning your home from top to bottom for the day of the shooting. Indeed, this is not what will stand out the most in your photos, but take the time to simply clean:

  • Kitchen elements: hot plates, hoods and mainly earthenware
  • The taps, remove traces of limestone
  • Blackened or yellowed joints in the kitchen and bathroom
  • Mirrors, remove dust
  • Windows, remove spots

clean your home

On the other hand, it is better to spend more time on storage. Indeed, this is what will be seen the most. For the photoshoot, we'll take the storage a little further than usual. Let's hide some elements of everyday life, for example:

  • Shoes and jackets in the hall
  • The remote control on the living room table
  • Cat litter
  • Shampoo, shower gel on the bathtub
  • Tube of toothpaste and toothbrushes next to the sink
  • Magnetic children's drawings on the fridge
  • Laundry on the washing machine
  • Etc.

Great photos mean clean spaces with minimal elements in view. This goes for the following tip ;)


Tip n° 2: Declutter and depersonalize

Declutter your house to enhance spaces

We all tend to accumulate some things and others. While most people have this very human personality trait, the best way to sell a property is to declutter it. Indeed, the shots must be free and leave the field of possibilities to future buyers.

Knickknacks, too imposing decorative elements, duplicate furniture, the goal is to empty the rooms as much as possible so that your photos show their space and their potential.

If you have too much to put aside, consider renting a small storage unit. This expense, the time of the sale, can be a good investment to increase the chances that your visitors will project themselves more easily.

Want to learn more about decluttering? Find our article: Declutter your house in order to sell or move.

Depersonalize your decoration

To safeguard your privacy, remember to remove all family photos. If it's complicated, such as a large hanging frame, we'll still have the option to blur family photos.

If you have a decoration of your own, put aside: remove a few well-marked personal elements and add more neutral elements.

Tip n ° 3: Atmosphere, bring life

With all these tips, which mainly consist in clearing up the place of life, you will now be missing… a little life. To avoid creating a too cold universe, bring back a little warmth:

  • a pretty bouquet of flowers
  • green plants
  • dried flowers
  • a lit fireplace
  • an extra set of lights
  • a set table (be careful not to fall into the model house)
  • a burning candle



The little extra, if you have a pet, leave it where it is during the shooting: a cat taking a nap on the bed or a dog wondering what is going on lying on the sofa ... more lively and warm?


Tip n ° 4: Don't forget the exterior

Your real estate broker will certainly not forget to enhance your exteriors. Whether it is a garden, a balcony or even a patio, maintain these spaces: mowed lawn, uncovered pool, clean water, uncluttered or nicely furnished balcony.

The exteriors are generally big assets and play well in the balance of buyers, so they are not to be overlooked.


At work !
Once the photo shoot is completed, your property will be broadcast and your real estate broker will begin to bring in visitors. Do not stop your efforts ;) Discover our video of advice to prepare your visits well: prepare your home for an open house.

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Photo credit: Brina Blum on Unsplash