Tips for valuing an empty property for sale

You sell your property but you have already left the premises and there is no more furniture... buyers may find it difficult to plan. Sutton Quebec offers you some solutions to enhance an empty property for sale.

Buyers' brakes

Decluttering your house to sell it better is one thing. On the other hand, emptying it completely can have drawbacks. Even if we may think that on the contrary, the void leaves the field of possibilities, it is also a blank page to be filled.

Risk n ° 1: Difficulties in projecting yourself

Many buyers will find it hard to imagine themselves, projecting themselves into an empty place, completely bare of furniture or decoration. They will have a hard time evaluating volumes without a reference to guide them like a sofa, table, bed, etc. Future buyers need to make the home they are visiting their own, with their own furniture, reassuring themselves "is it big enough to put...?"

Risk n ° 2: Focus on small flaws

When there is nothing else to see than paints and floors, you have to look at them longer! Your visitors will linger longer on the condition of the home rather than the whole. In the end, the results of a visit can focus on small paint or other defects and not on the whole, that is to say the volumes, the functionality of the parts, etc.

Risk n ° 3: A place without soul

Again, nothing is more normal than a feeling of emptiness in an empty place. The sale of an unoccupied place gives a feeling of lack. Visitors won't necessarily think the place is cold, they will feel it. There will be no feeling of life or warmth and it can leave a negative feeling.

Solutions to enhance an empty house for sale

Keep the premises cleancleaning

First of all, the property or condo that you put up for sale while it is unoccupied must be absolutely clean. The move brings up a lot of dust and dirt, so all the rooms need to be cleaned. If the place has been unoccupied for a while, the dust should not be allowed to settle. The same goes for the exteriors, maintain them as if you lived there.


Refresh the roomspainting

Redoing a few paintings will be a good investment to better sell your home. Indeed, removed frames or furniture may leave color differences. Refurbishing is even more valid on an unoccupied sale.


Suggest a planplan

Another little tip, take the measurements of each room and make a plan. This will allow buyers to have a benchmark, a notion of volumes. Even better, offer a layout with a furnished floor plan, it will help your visitors to project themselves.

Furnish virtual visitvirtual visit

Carrying out a virtual visit offers visitors a new experience that will allow them to completely immerse themselves in a furnished universe. An asset for an empty property or completely to renovate.

Furniture rentalrenting furniture

Many home staging companies also offer furniture rentals while they sell their property. This solution costs relatively more than a virtual visit but the time to sell can be shortened.

If you want to know more, take a look at this trusted provider: Furniture Pack.

Selling an empty house or condo is therefore not the best option, but there are little tips to overcome all these drawbacks. Ask your real estate broker for advice. At Sutton Quebec, we will always offer you solutions tailored to your needs and the smooth running of your sale. Find all our advice in the section: our real estate advice.