10 mistakes not to make when selling your property

Since a life project cannot be improvised, Sutton Quebec draws your attention to the mistakes to avoid when selling your property or condo. When to put on sale? How much, how, where... so many questions to ask yourself so as not to make certain mistakes and to succeed in your real estate sale quickly.

10 mistakes to avoid when selling your property

Mistake # 1: Selling your property at the wrong time

First, in real estate, there is the issue of seasonality. For example, in the spring the real estate market is more dynamic. The development of the property will be simpler with pretty flowered exteriors, a swimming pool with water, etc. There are also usually more offers at this time, so you have to know how to stand out. To learn more, see our article: sell your house in the spring!

Then there is simply the question: is your home ready to be put up for sale? Errors 3, 4 and 5 will follow ;)

Mistake n ° 2: Selling your home at the wrong price

Trust your real estate broker to evaluate the price of your property or condo. The estimate is made at the market price depending on the strengths and weaknesses of your property. Inflating the price in the hope of selling it at a lower price is unnecessary. You might miss buyers with a lower budget. Know that if your house or condo is at the right price, there may not be a negotiation, you will have the final decision.


Mistake n ° 3: Not allowing the buyer to project themselves

To make your property everyone's taste, declutter the rooms. You must let potential future owners imagine their layout. If you are interested, zoom in on our article: Declutter your home for sell or move.


Mistake n ° 4: Leaving imperfections

A small cable that is sticking out, a missing socket box, a wobbly door sill, a faded paint... so many small details that will jump to the eyes of those concerned. If they accumulate, it can cause concern. Repair these small imperfections to sell better and reassure buyers.


Mistake n ° 5: Not preparing for the photo shoot

The first impression is very important: the photo chosen in front to highlight your property for sale will or will not induce the Internet user to click to see the details of the listing. The other photos may or may not trigger the request for information. You must therefore prepare well for the photo shoot with your real estate broker: a successful photo shoot to sell your property.

Mistake n ° 6: Not preparing your legal documents

Be ready for the sale and prepare any legal or informational documents related to your property. Rest assured, your broker will tell you what he needs such as the purchase contract, work invoices or even the municipal tax statement.

Mistake n ° 7: Using superlatives in your ad

Neutrality in a real estate ad is the best solution. Marvelous, sublime, immense, magnificent, splendid, extremely rare are all superlatives superfluous. Your broker will know how to use the right terms, without overdoing it, just enough to list the strengths of your condo or house.

Mistake n ° 8: Not preparing for visits

We perfume the premises, put away the toys, turn on the mood lights, put the dog in his doghouse and ready for visits. Watch our video: Prepare your home for an open house.


Mistake n ° 9: Being too present during visits

If you wish to attend the visits with your real estate broker, let him guide the visit and let visitors soak up the scene. Just answer their questions without pushing too hard or justifying yourself too much. At the end of the visit, let them do the tour on their own.

Mistake n ° 10: Selling without a real estate broker

You will understand, selling a house or an apartment is not that easy. Between the purification of the premises, the major cleaning, the small jobs, your part of the work is sufficiently substantial.

Using a Sutton Quebec real estate broker allows you to benefit from expert advice, increase the visibility of your property through professional means of communication, save time and protect yourself.

Find your real estate broker now. At Sutton Quebec, our network includes more than 1,500 real estate brokers who share our values of benevolence, transparency, listening and perseverance! We won't let you make these mistakes ;)