Getting started in real estate: where to start?

Being a real estate broker cannot be improvised. Far beyond a passion for the profession, working in real estate requires knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills. Sutton Québec gives you the first strings to pull on to start off in the real estate profession and become an experienced real estate broker.

The winning trio of an excellent real estate broker

becoming a real estate broker

The know-how to be

The first aspect of the real estate broker's profession to take into account is the know-how. This profession requires human qualities but also a certain state of mind. Any good recipe starts with good ingredients: kindness, transparency and listening are the human qualities that Sutton Quebec real estate brokers possess. Add to that persistence and optimism! Each person is unique and has their own personality. To start working in real estate, you need to be aware of these required qualities.

Do you already have this know-how? Know that you have a 50% chance of succeeding in this profession;) However, do not neglect the following tips!



Knowing how to speak is good, but knowing what to say is better! Real estate is a market where certain knowledge is required. To best advise your clients and support them from A to Z in their plans to buy or sell a property, you need to know:

  • The specificities of the real estate market
  • Its terms
  • Its laws which frame it
  • Its procedures
  • Its actors
  • The news
  • The real estate network service offered
  • Your surrounding area (towns, districts, streets, alleys)

what to know


Several solutions are available to you to acquire this knowledge:

  • Get trained
  • Support your colleagues
  • Read articles on professional sites such as the APNQ, CMHC or the OACIQ
  • Ask your branch manager for help

You need to know everything at your fingertips. What if you missed something? So the response to your client should be: “I don't know”. Be reliable and 100% certain of what you are doing. If you don't know, educate yourself and give the right information. It is about the satisfaction of your clients and therefore your reputation, as well as that of all brokers exercising the same profession as you.



Knowing what to say is good and knowing what to do is just as good! Know-how is one of the hardest aspects of the profession to acquire. It is practice that makes you perfect. Again, ask for help, get inspiration from your colleagues, lean on your branch manager. What do you need to know how to do?

  • Prospect for new listings
  • Evaluate the value of a property
  • Ask, find, give the right information
  • Showcase a property
  • Support your customers in the steps related to sale and purchase
  • Match your customers' purchasing criteria to listings

One of the first things to know is to use all the tools that your real estate network has at your disposal. They have been studied for your success. If used well, you will have a lot to gain.

Your first missions and objectives as a beginner real estate broker

3 missions

First mission: get out!

When you're new to real estate, you need to be outdoors more often than sitting at your desk. Why? To develop your network and to know your sector: interact with traders, make yourself known, collect information. Make sure you have your business cards with you. Take the opportunity to prospect with leaflets that you will drop in letter boxes or at merchants. Also participate in events: inaugurations, product launches, etc.


Get trained

We cannot repeat it enough, but knowing all the aspects and tools of the real estate broker profession is essential. What information will your customers need? What the law says? What are the practices? What are the services offered? Who are the financial partners? What do they offer? etc.


Get organized

Plan a schedule where you alternate training time and prospecting time. Do not lose sight of your goals, do not get overwhelmed. Remember to set more time slots at the beginning to better prepare your first meetings. Seek advice from your more experienced colleagues.

Now you know where to start to get started in real estate. At Sutton Quebec, we have more than 1,500 real estate brokers whom we support daily in their success. We make it a point of honor to develop high-performance tools, relevant training and personalized coaching so that our real estate brokers give the best of themselves under privileged conditions. To find out more, visit our page: become a real estate broker.

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