What is it to be passionate about real estate?

Real estate is more than just a job. The best real estate brokers are above all passionate. But what exactly is being passionate about real estate? Sutton Quebec lists you in bulk "to be passionate about real estate is ...".


Being passionate about real estate ...

It's having the chance to meet people with completely different projects

It is helping people find housing

It's helping people make their dreams come true

It is to support them in their life projects

Is to love people

It is going to meet them: traders, inhabitants, colleagues

It is to understand them

It's adapting

Knowing how to listen

Is to be benevolent

It is to offer adapted solutions

It means visiting hundreds of places and stumbling upon unusual places

It's about training to always be on top

It is to inform

It’s advising

Knowing your sector

Knowing the real estate market inside out

It is to watch its progress

It is anticipating

It's juggling different skills

It's learning something new every day

It's moving everywhere

It's having a busy schedule

Is to be motivated

It is knowing how to challenge yourself

It's a lot of walking to prospect




Being a passionate real estate broker is also ...

To have colleagues as passionate as us

Knowing how to manage your time between private and professional life

Have the goal of flourishing financially

Arrive serenely at work

Have a job you love

Have new perspectives every day

Live unique days


What is being a real estate broker at Sutton Quebec?

Is to be independent

It's about managing your time as you see fit

It is sharing common values

It is to never be alone

It is to have permanent support

It means enjoying 100% compensation for your work

It's having the right tools

It is quite simply being part of a large family of real estate enthusiasts!



Are you also passionate about real estate? Sutton Quebec is always looking for real estate brokers who are passionate about real estate. Join our network of more than 1,500 real estate brokers and share your passion. Because at Sutton Quebec, real estate lives in us.

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