How to set up an office at home for teleworking?

In this special time, many of us are working from home. A new situation for some, you have to adapt to a new rhythm, to a new environment between personal and professional life. The first thing to do is to dedicate a space in your home to work. Sutton Québec brings you some tips for setting up your home office for efficient teleworking.

Find a dedicated space to set up your office at home

With the temperatures slowly starting to dip into the negative, no more small work sessions on the balcony or in the garden. Now is the time to warm up at home. Easy to say but less easy to organize. Many of us are tempted to telecommute in our bed or on our sofa. For a few hours, yes, but it is a bad idea for long days, weeks, months ... In the long term, you have to think about a specific arrangement. But where ? The goal is to find a place where you can set up your workspace with your workstation and your equipment without having to put everything away every evening. Whether in an office room, in the living room or even in the entrance, discover some inspirations.

In an independent room

independent room

The ideal is to be able to set up your office in a room. This is the best option with a cocoon dedicated to work, and concentration ... nothing better than an office room.

In the living room

living room

Not everyone is lucky enough to have an extra room, but luckily other solutions are possible as well. You can encroach slightly on your living room space or an unused space in that room. Sometimes it will be difficult to think or rethink your living room space, but other places are still workable!

In the hall


Entrance space for example. If you have a large entrance, try to see if an office could be set up. Look under the stairs if a small space isn't ideal!

In the bedroom

Some rooms can be spacious enough to accommodate an office area.


Tip: In general, try to find a place facing the light in front of a window so you won't be bothered by screen glare and get the most out of natural light.


How to set up your office

Once the ideal location has been chosen, here are all the steps to set up your office space at home:

1. Measure to find the ideal solution. Can an office be set at home, will you opt for a tablet instead tailor-made or maybe a board and two trestles for more originality and a tighter budget?

2. Buy everything you need between the desk, a comfortable chair and storage.

3. Install all the elements and your equipment

4. Organize your storage

5. All that's left to do is get to work ;)

Do not forget to decorate this space a little to make it pleasant, a small green plant, nice storage. The goal is to make you feel good there. Looking for inspiration?  Search Pinterest, you will dream of this new space ...


Have the right equipment to telework

Working from home certainly does not mean resigning yourself to poorer working conditions. On the contrary, you must have everything you need to perform as well or better than in the office.


  • Computer
  • Phone
  • Chargers
  • A large screen
  • Good internet connection
  • Notebook, pens
  • Headphones tip: headphones allow you to cut yourself off noises that can distract you.

Do not hesitate to tell your employer about your problems. Remember that your productivity is directly linked to your well-being, he will certainly listen to your needs.


The entire Sutton Quebec team supports you in this new teleworking challenge!