How to prioritize your renovation work?

How do you prioritize your renovations when the list is endless? There are many reasons for wanting to renovate your property: whether you fell in love with an old house, whether you want to make a sale with added value or whether you simply want to gain comfort... The key to a good planning: put priorities on its work according to your time, your budget, emergencies but also your desires!

Doing work: managing your time and money 

The first step is to make a complete list of all the small and large jobs that need to be done on your property, house or apartment. Here is a non-exhaustive list of works:

  • roof
  • facades
  • electricity
  • plumbing
  • window replacement
  • insulation
  • heating
  • painting
  • floor covering
  • fitted kitchen installation
  • construction of a swimming pool, a terrace
  • enlargement

The second step is to assess 3 essential things to plan your work: time, urgency, budget. Indeed, once the list has been established, before each task, each room to renovate, define an estimate of time, budget and urgency.


The question of time also comes with the question of budget and skills. If you have neither free time nor manual skills, the direction to take will be to hire a professional contractor for your work. The service will cost you more than by yourself but you will save time and quality. On the other hand, embarking on work on your own can be a great adventure! And if you like a challenge, this one is big;)

Be careful though because all types of work is not to be done yourself and it is better to delegate such as electricity or roofing.

The emergency

Between upgrading the electrical installation, replacing windows, building a garden shed or repairing a leak, the priorities are not the same, and neither are the costs.

We can then draw inspiration from the Eisenhower matrix, often used in the prioritization of tasks. It says that important but non-urgent tasks are to be planned, important and urgent ones are to be dealt with as a priority, non-important and non-urgent tasks are to be abandoned and unimportant but urgent ones are to be delegated.

We can readjust this matrix to try to establish a work schedule by asking these questions and integrating the notion of budget.

using the Eisenhower matrix to prioritise your renovation work

The budget

Each room in your property to renovate has a cost. More or less, the budget can decide the priorities for you. If you are doing the work yourself, estimate the cost of the materials. As part of a service, do not hesitate to ask for several quotes to get a first idea.

In the context of a sale, it is important to choose the right renovations so that they bring real added value to your home.

what to consider to plan your renovation works

Work to enhance your property

The objective is well defined: to sell better, at a better price and faster! Doing work before selling your property cannot be improvised, you have to make the right choices because it can be a heavy investment. Do not hesitate to call your Sutton Quebec broker to list the areas for improvement of your house or apartment. He is in constant contact with buyers and is familiar with the most popular purchasing criteria. Between fixing small imperfections and improving insulation, the budget can go up, but by investing 5 to 10% of the value of your property, you can have better returns.

The biggest obstacles to closing a sale are:

  • all work affecting the structure of a building: roof, facade
  • problems related to electricity
  • small imperfections that give the impression of poor maintenance 

Maintenance work 

To avoid major jobs and expense, keep in mind that good maintenance is essential. Having your heating overhauled, repairing a small leak, a crack in the facade or many others immediately helps keep a property in good condition. 

Sutton Quebec real estate brokers support you in valuing your property. Also discover in our advice section the 5 investments to feel good at home.