Working as a family: the father / son duo Simon and Sylvain GOULET

Sylvain the father and Simon the son. Both work as a duo within the groupe sutton - actuel inc. agency. Together, they form a complementary and intergenerational team where the customer is at the center of their concerns.

The father / son duo

Simon Goulet had 8 years of experience in customer service, had a sound technical in his baggage, and had started a bachelor's degree in history teaching when his father, Sylvain Goulet, asked him if he had considered the possibility to become a real estate broker just like him. “He has a good presence and a good personality. By working together, I was convinced that he would do well”, Sylvain said about his son. He was right to perceive this potential in Simon, the latter arriving in his 4th year in the real estate brokerage world.

Simon Goulet broker Sutton Quebec

 2 generations, 2 clienteles

 The father-son duo have therefore been working as a team for almost 4 years, even if the father, Sylvain, has accumulated 11 years in the profession. The latter was an executive in a petrochemical company before reorienting, in 2009, in the real estate sector. 

Sylvain Goulet broker Sutton Quebec

For them, one of the advantages of working together is the possibility of attracting customers from 2 different generations: baby boomers for the father and the millennial generation, and therefore the first buyers, for the son. But that's not all! Even if they work on each of their files individually, they follow up on each other on these files so that the other is aware of their specificities. So when the time comes to take time off or a vacation, the other person is fully on top of the issues and can follow up effectively with clients.

Unparalleled professionalism

In addition, their slogan "Serve you as we like to be served!" demonstrates their professionalism. The duo offers their customers a very personalized service, much appreciated by the latter. This probably explains the fact that four out of five transactions carried out come from referrals. 

In this regard, their agency manager at groupe sutton - actuel, Vincent Ladouceur, is not surprised: “Simon is a very resourceful young man who is meticulous in the management of his cases. Customers appreciate it very much. As for Sylvain, he is a serious man who is very professional and attentive to his customers. "

testimonial about sylvain and simon Goulet

Their values include efficiency, integrity, timeliness, and honesty. As a team, they each answer their questions, even if they sometimes call on their agency executive to ensure the accuracy of the information to be provided to their clients.

Simon and Sylvain naturally follow the approach of giving priority to their customers. “Even at the risk of losing a customer - for example if they don't have the capacity to buy - you're still going with their best interest,” adds Simon.

When the time comes to separate work from family life, Simon's siblings are present at the table to help them discuss topics other than real estate. The father / son duo seems to have found their work-life balance. We can only be happy to find them within the beautiful and big #Suttonfamily!