Working as a family: the Emmanuelle Beaudet team

The Emmanuelle Beaudet team continues our theme of "Working as a Family"! In order to establish the context of family ties: Emmanuelle and Pascale are sisters; Yannick is Emmanuelle’s husband. All three work together with well defined roles. Over the years, the team has grown and welcomed new members: Melyssa and Vanessa.

Sharing tasks according to each person's strengths

Emmanuelle and her team's business model is well established. Each of the 5 members has their role to play.

Emmanuelle Beaudet is the backbone of the team. She is an enthusiast who always puts people before percentage. Her main focus is on business development and the sales side. She offers a refined experience that revolves around dialogue, respect and thoroughness. The perfect balance between authenticity and knowledge. She began her career in residential real estate in 2003 with her husband Yannick. 

Emmanuelle Beaudet real estate broker Sutton Quebec

Yannick Ménard is Emmanuelle’s partner. In his early days, he mainly dealt with the "buyer" side. With the arrival of Pascale and Vanessa, he works more closely with Emmanuelle in completing transactions. He is also the wonderful photographer of the team.

Yannick Ménard real estate broker Sutton Quebec

Pascale Beaudet let herself be tempted by this family adventure. She joined the team in 2005 after leaving a job in her field of study that did not suit her. “Emmanuelle and Yannick convinced me to join them. I hesitated before going into real estate, seeing that my sister was working a lot! I finally took the plunge in 2005. Emmanuelle's passion is contagious! Hard to work with her and not get the urge. Personally, I am a social bug who feeds on my contacts and the recognition of my clients. This profession is certainly the best to satisfy me. "

Pascale Beaudet real estate broker Sutton Quebec

Mélyssa Filiatrault, administrative assistant to Emmanuelle, she started in 2013. Melyssa ensures the smooth running of all transactions, follow-ups and appointments. By joining our team, she found a second family there that shares the same values as her: integrity and respect.

Vanessa Gallo, for her part, joined the team in 2016. She is our "youngest child, Emmanuelle's adopted daughter!" She shares the same role as Pascale, namely: specialist in the buyers' section. "We take care of all of Emmanuelle's buying clients, resulting from her website, her listings or simply her great reputation in the South West sector. 

"Everything is well divided to reflect the strengths of each of us."

Working as a family: the secret of the Emmanuelle Beaudet team

What do you like most about working as a family? One word that says a lot: trust. 

Pascale: "For example, when we leave on vacation we know that the team members take over with our clients, with the same respect as we do. It's reassuring ! ".

What are the limits or disadvantages of working as a family?

Pascale: "I admit that I don't have an answer!" ;)

If you are hesitant to work with one or more members of the same family, here is a tip from Pascale: “I think it can be a great experience as long as the members share the same values and don't count the hours. The team culture must be clear and shared by all, otherwise conflicts could arise more quickly than with regular colleagues. "

Separate professional and personal life - is this possible when working as a family?

Pascale: “That's rather difficult! I see my sister and my brother-in-law at work and we keep talking about real estate. Our moments to be with family are rare; birthdays and celebrations (like Christmas)! However, I believe that if we did not work together there would be even fewer opportunities to see each other and exchange, given our busy lives and respective families. " 

Soon 20 years at Sutton!

If the Emmanuelle Beaudet team has chosen the Sutton Quebec banner, it is for the relationship it has with their director Christophe Folla: "Christophe is our resource and 'mentor'. He is always available to each of us at any time of the day. ” Since 2003, the Emmanuelle Beaudet team has worked within the real estate agency groupe sutton - clodem inc.

We are proud to have close-knit teams within our Sutton family, sharing family values and who are also committed to others. We take this opportunity to recognize and thank Emmanuelle Beaudet's team for their participation and volunteering for the organization that is close to our hearts, Dans la Rue.

Sutton Quebec also makes a donation for each of the finalized transactions of Team members. Thank you !