How to maintain your house throughout the year?

It is certain that when the good weather arrives, it is time to get busy with the maintenance of your property. But still, a home needs attention all year round. Sutton Quebec offers you a list of best practices for maintaining your home each season.

3 maintenance levels for your house

The reason a home isn't just maintained during the first spring breezes is simply because it's made up of several levels of maintenance. First, there is the exterior, which often requires more work depending on the size of your land or even the general condition of the construction. There is the interior of the house which is an almost daily job with bigger maintenance at times. And finally, there is everything to do with running a house.

Maintaining the exterior of your house 

Maintaining the exterior house

Wooden elements

Whether it's your patio, shed or wooden fences, clean them before applying rain and wear protection. When? In summer, when the weather is nice and with the help of your family!


Trim hedges, mow the lawn in summer, remove snow in winter, clean fences; the maintenance of a land is done throughout the year.

The swimming pool

A swimming pool has its advantages but also its disadvantages including its rather complex maintenance. Depending on the type of pool, you must check the level of chlorine or salt, the pH, treat against algae, maintain the pumps, clean the bottom regularly ... and cover it for winter. A long term job, but think of the many moments of relaxation that this swimming pool provides for the whole family ;)

Roof and gutter

Once a year, consider inspecting the roof of your home. Plan repairs without delay because the roof is an element that can quickly become expensive if it deteriorates. Clean the gutters.


Clean the exterior of the doors and of the windows, oil the hinges and clean the exterior glass. 

Maintaining the interior of your home 

Maintaining the interior of your home

The floors

To maintain all wooden floors, apply the appropriate treatment once a year. Also clean all baseboards. With a little courage, shift your appliances and clean underneath to avoid the accumulation of dirt.

The walls

Wash away traces on the wall and fill in small holes or defects. Over time, repaint the walls in poor condition.

The taps

Descale your sinks, your mixers and the shower column. Check and repair plumbing problems. Regular work is easier to manage and with the right products it is even better.


Clean the inside of the cupboards as well as the vents.

Think about how your house works  

Think about how your house works

Check the operation of the heating and air conditioning. Have the chimney swept. Make sure smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are in good working order.

Also maintain your appliances by cleaning them and replacing the filters.

Each season has its home maintenance schedule

All of this upkeep can turn many people off. The secret is therefore to plan all this over the seasons. The interior of your home can be managed in the fall, deep cleaning in the winter and even though we talk about spring cleaning ... in the spring and summer, you will have much better time to enjoy the sun while taking care of the outside the house. Also consider calling in professionals for certain tasks such as electricity, plumbing or roofing ;) The CAA Quebec site contains many tips on the seasonality of home maintenance and has a professional address book.

Maintaining for a better future sale

Why maintain your house? 3 good reasons: firstly to feel good at home, secondly not to let yourself be overwhelmed and thirdly to better sell your property if you plan on selling for the future. Indeed, one of the hold backs for buyers is the feeling of poor maintenance of a property. If you have work to do, find our article on how to prioritize your renovation work.