Julie Boulianne, involved franchisee, co-chair of the Shaved Head Challenge

The Leucan Shaved Head Challenge is the story of bounty on heads for a good cause: that of sick children with cancer. A significant gesture which consists in shaving the hair to raise outbursts of generosity and to collect a maximum of funds. Meeting with Julie Boulianne, our franchise owner of the real estate agency groupe sutton - alliance inc. and co-chair of the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge for this 2021 edition.


What is the shaved head challenge?

The Leucan Shaved Head Challenge involves making a gesture of solidarity with children with cancer who have lost their hair. Behind this gesture, gangs motivated to raise funds to advance clinical research, fight against childhood cancer and improve treatments.

The Challenge celebrated its 20th anniversary last year. During all these years, nearly 100,000 people took part in the challenge and more than $ 63 million raised. défi tetes rasees leucandéfi tetes rasees leucan

Julie Boulianne, co-chair of this 2021 edition

It was her business partner, Roxan Turcotte, president of Construction RLR Turcotte, who came to pick up Julie Boulianne to be by his side as honorary co-chair of the 2021 campaign for Leucan in Mauricie. And who better than Julie to mobilize the troops! Her unwavering determination and natural leadership are real assets in the success of this challenge.

“I accepted without a shadow of a doubt. With Sutton-Alliance, I have always been involved with causes supporting children. It was therefore natural for me to lend my support to this cause which brings so much to children with cancer and to all their families as well. As a mother of two grown children, I have always considered myself lucky to have been able to watch them age in health. "

It is therefore with all the motivation of its team of real estate brokers that together, they relay the event. The goal is not negligible as the teams are determined to raise $ 85,000.

On May 30th, Roxan will participate at the same time as the others in his shaved head challenge. A complementary duo where Roxan puts a price on his head and Julie leads the harvest!

Support Julie Boulianne's team

 Julie has long been involved in the cause of children. Every year, she organizes an event with the aim of creating good times and creating beautiful memories for underprivileged children. With the pandemic, there is no question of putting aside these great actions! After having organized several editions of the Christmas party, this year it is a mascot that has adapted to the pandemic.

Julie is also involved in our common cause Dans La Rue where for each transaction, a donation is given to the organization, both by her real estate agency and by all of its brokers, as for all Sutton brokers in Quebec.

This motivation to be so involved, she finds it in a simple and fair sentence: "Every gesture can change a life".

And for those who are still hesitant to get involved or who do not know where to start, she mentions: “There are many ways to get involved but the first step is to find your cause, whether it is with children, or the elderly or to fight against domestic violence. Find a cause that touches you deeply. ”