Luz Moreno, broker committed to her Venezuelan community but also for our planet!

Luz Moreno recently joined our Sutton family in the real estate agency groupe sutton - immobilia. We are proud to welcome a new recruit who is committed as much to her profession as to the community. Meeting.


New country, new profession!

Luz Moreno tells us about her career in impeccable French! It's hard to imagine that she arrived in Montreal in 2015 without knowing a single word of the French language.

I worked in the tax area in Venezuela as well as for my husband’s construction business. When I arrived in Montreal, I first studied French. I then took this fresh start as an opportunity to change my career and decided to study to become a real estate broker. I liked the idea of meeting people, getting to know them and accompanying them to find their dream home! "


Leaving her country to be better

As a reminder, Venezuela has experienced a very unstable political situation since 2013 with a deterioration of basic living conditions: shortage of medicines, basic food, gasoline and water.

Luz Moreno has left her country but is committed to helping Venezuelan populations in need. She joined the Canadian Venezuelan Engagement Foundation.

logo foundation venezuela 

“Within the foundation, we help raise funds but also food, medicine, school supplies and even clothing that we then send to Venezuela. I know the situation in Venezuela well and it is important for me to be committed to my community even though I am in Montreal. "

All these collections are then redistributed in the most disadvantaged neighborhoods and in the areas most affected by poverty in Venezuela.

engagement foundation venezuela

engagement foundation venezuela

Making sure to reduce your ecological footprint

Luz Moreno is also an environmentally conscious person. Her commitment is daily and it is the whole family that is involved in respecting nature and a healthier lifestyle for the Earth.

“In Venezuela there is no notion of recycling but it is something that we had implemented within the family. Here, I always put in place efforts to reduce my ecological footprint. I am convinced that giving a little of yourself, doing your part, can save our planet. I educate my children a lot in this direction. I also made the choice not to eat meat anymore. "


Get involved, organize

If Luz is involved in different causes, it is because she simply feels the need: “It's an integral part of my personality, I want to help others. I have a strong bond with my Venezuelan community and I know the situation in the country well. "

When we broach the subject of organization and the notion of time management, Luz laughs! "It is not easy! I manage my schedule between the children, home, school, visits… I get up very early at 4:30 am to manage everything. ”

To end our interview, Luz wanted to thank the Sutton Quebec group and particularly its agency director Julie Gaucher: “She is a committed person, very human and that makes me want to give the best of myself for my job even more, to my clients and colleagues. ” 

Sutton Quebec is a committed real estate banner and we are proud to welcome brokers who share the same values.