6 simple ideas to refresh your bathroom

Bathrooms are often overlooked spaces in terms of style and decoration. Yet it is a widely used room that has a lot of potential. Whether it is for you or for the sale of your property, refreshing your bathrooms can add great value. Indeed, the bathrooms and the kitchen are the rooms that contribute the most to the sale of a house. Potential buyers are looking for updated kitchens and bathrooms.

However, we don't always have the time or the budget to undertake major renovations. Here are several simple ideas to refresh your bathroom(s).

1. Update and match accessories

Sometimes the small details make all the difference in updating the style of a room, especially a bathroom which is often small. Accessories stand out more than in a large space. This is why just updating them brings a great wind of change. Pick a style you like or a more neutral style if it's for sale and match it all up: shower curtain, towels, soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, etc.

Update your accessories for a more modern bathroom

2. Add decorative elements

Feel free to enhance the style with decorative elements like plants and picture frames. Plants add a touch of life and warmth to a room to play with the atmosphere.

Add decorative elements to refresh your bathroom

Other things that don't have to be mundane and can add to the decor are hooks. It can be a great opportunity for creatives to let their imaginations run wild!

Original hooks to modernize your bathroom

3. Play with storage

Storage brings its share of challenges in a bathroom since there is often a lack of space. For a narrow room, optimizing storage is then necessary. By organizing the cabinets, you can free up space and clean the room. For storage that is exposed, make sure it is clean and opt for aesthetic containers. Here, you can use your creativity to store your products: mason jars, wicker baskets, vase, etc.

Also, the decorative bathroom ladders represent an aesthetic and efficient way for storage and for hanging towels. 

A more modern bathroom with a ladder

4. Refresh the walls

With the humidity accumulated, the walls get faded quickly. Sometimes it’s just the color choice from 1992 that gives a shabby look. Repainting a bathroom is a very effective way to refresh and modernize it. For a clean look (and eye-catching for the sale of a home), white is always the winner. However, nothing stops you from going with punchy colors! And why not dare wallpaper for a completely new style?

Wallpaper is a great idea to refresh the style of your bathroom

5. Repaint the cabinets and change the handles

Another tip for refreshing your bathroom is to revamp your cabinets by repainting them and changing the handles. These are imposing elements that catch the eye quickly. For a style that lasts without going out of fashion, neutral and timeless colors should be prioritized. The handles are easily changed so dare the styles!

Revamp your cabinets for a more modern bathroom

6. Change the faucet

By investing a little time and money, opting for a modern faucet is another solution to refresh the style of your bathroom. This change also offers the opportunity to choose a more functional and better suited faucet.

Change the faucet of your bathroom for a modern style

Refreshing and modernizing your bathroom(s) doesn't have to be complex and expensive. With a few tweaks, you can enjoy them more or add value to your property in the eyes of potential buyers.