Opt for home staging to sell your property

Doing home staging at home is a must for selling your property in order to make a good impression and allow potential buyers to project themselves and imagine themselves living there.

Home staging, or "real estate valuation", is a set of techniques which aims to enhance real estate for sale or rental.

 In other words, doing home staging at home increases the value of your property in the eyes of potential buyers in order to facilitate the sale of the property.

How to do home staging at home

To do home staging, there are several decoration and enhancement techniques.

How to do home staging to sell your property

 1. Clean

Presenting a tidy and clean home to visitors is a basic element in successfully selling your property. This gives the impression to future buyers that the property is well maintained and in good condition.


2. Declutter and purify

To do home staging at home, another essential technique is to declutter and purify the rooms. An overcrowded room appears smaller and restricts the imagination of redevelopment possibilities for potential buyers. With large spaces, they will be able to better visualize their furniture and their decoration in the space.


3. Fix imperfections

Buyers hang on to the little details. A leaky faucet, a missing outlet box, a small hole in the wall, are all details that, if they accumulate, will hold back buyers. Eliminating small defects is indeed another element that helps to show that the house is well maintained.


4. Depersonalize

Rooms with a neutral atmosphere will help visitors to better project themselves. Removing anything that reflects too much of your lifestyle, such as religious symbols and cleaning and hygiene products, will also prevent potential buyers from feeling like intruders during the visit.

Depersonalize your property for the sale

5. Redo the decor

Cleaning, decluttering and depersonalizing are essential rules for home staging. In the same vein, complete it all with a neutral and aesthetic decor. Small plants and neutral modern accessories will make your rooms welcoming without looking too personal. You may also need to repaint your walls with neutral colors like white or beige to avoid overly garish hues.


6. Provide efficient lighting

An important criterion for buyers is lighting, for bright rooms. Nothing beats natural light, so make sure you let it in as much as possible by clearing the windows. For naturally less bright rooms, use sufficient lighting that is both warm and efficient for every corner. And don't forget to turn on all the lights during visits!


7. Give a defined function to each room

Each room should have its own function. No matter your lifestyle, rearrange the space so that you have a clear corner for the living and the dining areas. If you have a work desk in this space, find a specific corner for it that has its own function. For the basement, help visitors to plan themselves by giving a single purpose to the family room or by organizing each space in a defined way.

Home staging: define a function for each room

The main rooms to prioritize for your home staging

You may have to prioritize certain parts if there are many improvements to be made. In this case, focus on the rooms that will hook potential buyers the most.


The living room

The living room is usually one of the first rooms you see upon entering a property. It is therefore important to make a good impression from the start. Make sure it's tidy, uncluttered, depersonalized and tasteful.


The kitchen and the bathrooms

Up-to-date kitchens and bathrooms add the most value to buyers. Whether you have to revamp them or just refresh them, these are the parts to prioritize so as not to hamper buyers with the perception of work to be done.

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The exterior not to be overlooked

A mowed lawn and beautiful flowers or a well-cleared driveway enhance the aesthetics of the property in the eyes of buyers upon their arrival on the premises. What's more, regardless of the season, a well-maintained land and backyard will allow visitors to better visualize how they can make them their own.

To do a successful home staging at home, put yourself in the shoes of future buyers. Prepare your property in such a way that it is as attractive as possible to them.