Cocooning at home: 10 tips for a cozy atmosphere

The cold days of autumn and winter are the perfect opportunity to stay at home and rest in cozy, warm comfort. Create your own haven for the cold season. Here we offer you 10 tips for a cocooning atmosphere at home.

1. Light shades

The colors to prioritize to create the desired cocooning atmosphere are reassuring and soft shades. Thus, for your decoration or for your walls, light colors, such as neutral shades or pastel shades, will bring softness and comfort to your rooms.

2. Throws, blankets and cushions

Treat yourself to a cozy corner with a throw or blankets and a ton of cushions. Whether for the living room or for the bedroom, you can take advantage of it for your relaxation sessions, all in a soothing decor.

Throws, blankets and cushions for a cocooning atmosphere at home

3. A carpet

A large, thick and fluffy rug not only brings warmth to the room, but also to your feet to increase your comfort.

4. A reading corner

In order to be able to relax while reading your book, set up a corner dedicated to reading: an armchair with a blanket, a window sill with cushions or a hanging chair, etc.

A cozy reading corner to relax

In order to create the perfect reading experience, set up a bookcase to display your books.

A bookshelf for your reading corner

5. An enveloping armchair

To accentuate the cocoon effect of your living room or reading corner, get an armchair with an enveloping shape.

6. Textures

For your rug, sofa or cushions, play with soft and plush textures to give you the desired comfort: faux fur, velvet, satin, knit blanket, etc.

7. Dim lighting

For a cocooning atmosphere at home, lighting plays a central role. For example, a soft light near an armchair is ideal for a reading nook. We also want to avoid too bright and cold lights. Soft lighting provides a warm atmosphere to ensure maximum rest.

Dim lighting for a cocooning atmosphere at home

8. Candles

Candles also contribute to soft, subdued lighting. They bring warmth (mostly figuratively!) to the space to soothe and relax. Opt for fragrant candles for more comfort.

9. Plants

Plants have therapeutic effects such as soothing. They also bring life and purify the air. They are an aesthetic and relaxing touch to add to your cocooning decor.

Cocooning, plants for a soothing atmosphere

10. Essential oils

Essential oils have several virtues. Go for the ones you like and according to what you are looking for. This scent element will complement your ambiance to create the perfect cocooning experience at home.

Basically, in order to create a cocooning atmosphere at home, bet on colors, textures, accessories and all the elements that bring you comfort and soothe you. You will thus be able to take full advantage of the well-deserved "laziness" days during the cold season.