Tips for selling your house in winter

Selling a house in winter in Quebec presents challenges that are different than selling in the summer or in the fall. In order to have all the chances on your side for the successful sale of your home, you must properly market it. Here are some tips to help you sell your home this winter.

Should I sell my house in the winter?

Selling your home in the winter may take a little more effort than it does in the fall or summer. This shouldn't hold you back, however. Every season has its strengths and weaknesses, and you should sell when it's most convenient for you. You just have to adapt to the season.

Decided buyers

One of the advantages of selling a house in winter is the seriousness of the buyers. This time of year attracts, among other things, new buyers who do not renew their leases and buyers who wish to move in the spring or summer. These buyers are determined to move forward with their real estate purchase plan.

Maintain the exterior of your home

Buyers pay less attention to the outdoors in winter, which can be an advantage. Maintenance remains essential, however. Clearing the driveway and adding salt if the ground is icy will give a good first impression. On the opposite, the lack of maintenance of the entrance can give the impression of poor general maintenance of the house.

Also, since some people are only available in the evening and the sun goes out early, keep your exterior lights on and make sure the entrance and house are well lit.


Show pictures of the exterior in summer

It's hard to show visitors the full potential of your yard with the accumulation of snow, the patio set that you covered or put away, and your closed pool. The most effective way to help them visualize the yard when selling your home in the winter is to provide photos taken in the summer. Include them in your real estate ad so that interested people can see them right away.

Make the place as warm as possible

In winter, during visits, offer buyers a warm and comforting atmosphere. To start, install a large rug to keep your floor clean, and store your boots and coats to make room for visitors. Afterwards, keeping the heat on and taking advantage of the fireplace and natural light will contribute to the comfort to make the visit more pleasant in addition to giving a good impression of the place.

 Tips for a warm atmosphere when selling your house durong winter

Decorate your home for the holidays

A Holiday decor will certainly add its touch to the cozy atmosphere. As Christmas is a religious holiday, however, not all potential buyers will feel called upon. It is therefore recommended to keep the decorations more neutral. Maybe think of winter decorations more than Christmas decorations, for example.

Use all the tips for real estate valuation

Whether you are selling your property in the winter or the summer, showcasing your home is a must-have for engaging buyers. Several aspects will help visitors to project themselves and prevent them from dwelling on small flaws. Here are some tips:

  • Keep the home spotlessly clean;
  • Declutter and depersonalize the rooms;
  • Fix imperfections and carry out renovations that could slow down buyers;
  • Add aesthetic and neutral decorative elements.

In the imperfections to be fixed, prioritize air infiltration in the doors and windows. This is an important point for the majority of potential buyers.

 Check out the article below to learn more about what will help make selling your home a success this winter.


Working with a real estate broker

Teaming up with a real estate broker, whatever the season, will help you sell your property successfully. Your broker will assist you in the steps to optimize your home for sale in winter. He will know how to use the winter season to your advantage. Find a real estate broker now to make your real estate project a success!