10 signs it's time to move

We get used to our routine and find comfort in it, but sometimes it's worth taking the time to consider whether a new property might suit us better.

Here are ten signs that show it's time to move.

10 signs that show it's time to move

1. Your current property is cluttered and you are running out of space.

One of the most obvious signs that it's time to move is if the current property no longer meets your family's needs. You need more space on your daily routine or to offer more comfort to your children, for example.

2. Your property does not allow you to host as you would like.

Your property does not offer you the flexibility to host as you please: lack of space, inconvenient layout, remote location, etc. Moving could allow you to meet this need for socialization.

3. You prefer the idea of moving to that of remodelling.

Renovations would meet most of your needs, but they would take far too much time and money. Sometimes it is more advantageous to relocate than to get yourself into works, especially if you are not the "manual" type.

4. You spend more time in your vehicle than at home.

If your commute to work is starting to irritate you, stress you out, or wear you down, it might be time to think about getting closer. You will waste less time in your car and will be able to enjoy your evenings with your family more.

5. Conversely, working from home allows you more flexibility.

Now that your job allows you to work from home and only visit the office occasionally, take advantage of this new flexibility to choose a location that best suits your needs.

To properly plan for changes in the cost of services such as internet and electricity, see Planhub's blog post: Moving Checklist: Expenses to consider.

6. You need more space to work from home.

Along the same lines, you may need a property with more space to work from home comfortably, without take over the living room or dining room.

7. You think you are paying too much.

Your rent, your mortgage, electricity, gas to get you where you want…these are all factors that could make you want to move to cut costs and save money.

8. You don't like your neighbourhood anymore.

The atmosphere of the neighbourhood has changed or it is no longer what suits you. Living in a neighbourhood that suits you can greatly increase your quality of life.

9. Your interests have changed.

In recent years, you have taken a liking to the outdoors or enjoy more of downtown attractions. In other words, moving to the suburbs in one case or moving closer to the city in the other could allow you to better enjoy your new interests.

10. You started looking at real estate ads “just to see”.

If you have come to look at property listings you like, you already have your foot in the door.

Take the plunge and start your process for selling your current property and start buying your dream home. In order to support you in your efforts, call on a real estate broker to make your project a success.