Renovations to prioritize when selling your home

If you are planning to sell your property, you may not have the time or the money to do all the renovations and work to make it perfect. It is therefore important to know which renovations are to be prioritized in order to help you in the sale of your property.

Some works are more profitable than others. Indeed, you must prioritize work that will have a good return on investment: renovations that will increase the value of your home without being too expensive and improvements that increase its value in the eyes of buyers.

In this sense, expensive renovations that do not increase the value of your property or bring any value in the eyes of buyers are to be avoided.

Here are some renovations to prioritize to better sell your home.

Renovations to prioritize to sell your property

1. Renovate the kitchen and bathrooms

A kitchen and bathrooms in the colors of the 90s can be a major obstacle for buyers: they cannot project themselves and they imagine the work to be done. Renovating the kitchen and bathrooms not only increases the financial value of your property, but even more the value in the eyes of buyers.

For renovations to be profitable, you have to choose affordable materials and prioritize the improvements that will create the desired wow effect.

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2. Repaint interior and exterior walls

This improvement is to be prioritized since it requires very little effort and can greatly refresh the condition of your property. Clean, neutral-colored walls will help buyers project themselves.

3. Redo the roof

The repair of the roof is a profitable renovation to prioritize for the sale of your house. Although it takes time and money, a new roof in good condition increases the value of your home. On the other hand, a roof requiring major work may scare off future buyers, giving the impression that the house is not maintained.

4. Finish the basement

Some buyers like the idea of renovating the basement to their liking, but many prefer a turnkey solution with a basement ready to welcome their family. Moreover, a finished basement increases the value of your property and its profitability is significant.

5. Fix imperfections that give the impression of poor maintenance

In general, making small repairs in the property and outside is a winning solution to impress buyers with a maintained and turnkey home. We think in particular of cracks, leaky taps, missing moldings. These small jobs are simple to correct and prevent buyers from hanging on to defects.

The importance of fixing defects when selling your home

For landscaping, a well-maintained yard certainly gives a good impression, but it does not increase the value of the property. It is therefore not recommended to embark on major works. All you have to do is maintain the exterior: clear snow in winter, mow and remove dead plants and weeds in summer, for example.

6. Consider the importance of energy efficiency

The efficiency of the insulation, the quality of the heating system and the performance of the windows are important criteria for potential buyers. When they fail, the electricity bill can skyrocket.

During your work, always keep in mind to opt for solutions offering greater energy efficiency. If your windows haven't been changed in a very long time, installing new weatherproof windows is a cost-effective upgrade to consider.

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