5 Inspiring Christmas Trees For The Holidays In 2022

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Whether it's your first Christmas in your new home or you simply want to refresh your decor to create precious memories, Décors Véronneau is there to help you. With its 5 most beautiful Christmas tree ideas and inspiring trends for 2022, there is no doubt that you will find your next holiday decor.

An alpine Christmas tree for a woodland decor

To each decor, its Christmas tree ! This alpine inspired tree is perfect for more rustic Christmas decorations. Before starting your holiday shopping, choose the perfect tree for the available space and the desired theme. Do you prefer a pre-lit Christmas tree or a flocked one?

At Décors Véronneau, you will find realistic artificial trees for all tastes and styles! All you need are a few ornaments that fit in the style: owls, deers, birch bark ornaments, etc.

Alpine Christmas Tree

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A pampas Christmas tree for a unique look

Decorating a tree with pampas is an original way to upgrade your holiday decorations! For a felted look, combine pampas with burgundy, cream and copper baubles. Pampas will bring uniqueness into your tree and will appeal to those who want to stand out from traditional decorations.

Who said that Christmas trees always had to look the same year after year? A few carefully selected items can often reinvent your tree without having to transform everything. Dare to change now by discovering the large choice of ornaments from Décors Véronneau!

A pampas Christmas Tree

A red Christmas tree for classic style lovers

Each year, Décors Véronneau reveals its main Christmas themes. The traditional decor is one of them, except that this year it will have a slight Scandinavian feel with home accents in shades of red and white. Think of Christmas gnomes, Nordic patterns, red berries and heart-shaped ornaments. This year, we'll even see a few hints of mint and aqua green! This style of decor is sure to make everyone smile this year.

A Classic Holiday Tree

A festive Christmas tree with greenery for a modern look

In 2022, you will also see many Christmas trees decorated with metallic greenery! Many unusual plants with their choice of colors and finishes will also be found among our decorations: eucalyptus branches, willow branches, laurel tree branches, and more. You can even mix a few twigs of pinecones, spruce and more traditional berries with sophisticated golden ferns. Even dare to use some in order to create interest towards the top of your tree! You'll have a modern yet elegant decoration...

A Christmas Tree with Metallic Greenery

A blue Christmas tree for a versatile decor

Finally, blue shades will be a trend this year! The beauty of this, is that you can give them different variations. Combine some blue decorations with white ornaments for a snowy look or rustic ornaments for a chalet-chic decor.

A Blue Christmas Tree

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