Dedicated to the cause of women

Louise Renaud and Élaine Sylvestre, respectively assistant director and real estate broker in the groupe sutton – synergie team in Joliette, offer their time and pool their passion and resources to help women and children who are victims of domestic violence.

For the past year, Louise and Élaine have joined forces with La maison d’accueil La Traverse in Joliette. What started as a simple day of volunteering has become an important part of their lives.

This article wishes to highlight their work and dedication to a most important cause.

What is La maison d’accueil La Traverse?

The purpose of La Traverse is to counter violence against women in a domestic context. It offers support, accompaniment and accommodation for women and their children. The house offers them a safe, confidential, free and warm place with the support these women need to get out of their situation.

To learn more about La maison d’accueil La Traverse, visit their website by clicking here.

A commitment to women who are victims of domestic violence

Initially, Louise and Élaine spent a day at the center cooking stews and pancakes with the women. Louise had also brought candies and shower gels for the twelve women who were staying at the centre. "It was touching to see how much such a small gesture made them happy," she says.

Louise and Élaine have continued to help these women in many ways for the past year. They collect clothes, toys and other useful goods for women and children. They receive donations and can count on the support of their network, in particular the real estate brokers of their office in Joliette.

During the holiday party at their office on December 9, the real estate brokers each brought a feminine hygiene product, which added to an already full basket of products that they can give to the women of the centre.

The dedication of a broker with a busy schedule

Louise shared with us how touched she is by Élaine's commitment to the cause, in addition to her heavy workload as a real estate broker.

"Despite a very busy schedule, she invests a lot of time by being present, but more particularly by helping women and their children who find accomadation after their stay at the shelter and who start from scratch." 

In less than a month, Élaine helped two mothers with three children each furnish their apartment, provided them with gift cards for groceries and made sure everyone could sleep in a bed. She also made sure the children had the materials they needed to return to school.

If Louise and Élaine put so much heart into helping women and children who are victims of domestic violence, it is not to be acclaimed, but we wanted to devote a few words to them to highlight their great dedication and big heart. We often boast about being part of a network that cares about the community, and these two women really embody what the Sutton Spirit is.