La Maison Sutton Synergie Trisomie 21 Lanaudière: a story of heart and collaboration

Yvon Cousineau, franchisee of the real estate agency groupe sutton – synergie, as well as many real estate brokers of this agency, have been involved for more than 15 years for the community of people with Down syndrome and their families.

How it all began

In 2006, a real estate broker from groupe sutton – synergie approached Yvon Cousineau to sell tickets for the first benefit show for the Association de parents d’enfants Trisomique-21 Lanaudière (APETL).

The APETL, located in Mascouche in the Lanaudière region, is a community organization that offers significant support to the community of people with Down syndrome and their families.

Founded in 1990 by parents of children with Down syndrome, the Association offers a variety of services aimed at providing support to people with Down syndrome and their families.

The organization offers socio-professional activities, rewarding activities, daytime activities, an adult lounge, a multisensory room, an adapted kitchen, an occupational therapy and speech therapy service, a toy library and a help service to families.

Fallen in love with APETL after the show, Yvon Cousineau approached the Association team to find out how he could help. His agency's 10th anniversary was approaching and he saw an opportunity to do something big.

The APETL team told him that they were looking to move to larger premises. With the enthusiasm that we know him well, Yvon Cousineau proposed to “build a house like the Ronald McDonald house”. Although the members of the Association were surprised by this enthusiasm, they decided to embark on the project.

La Maison Sutton SynergieTrisomie-21 Lanaudière

The project finally materialized in 2009: the Maison Sutton Synergie Trisomie-21 Lanaudière. Its construction cost $750,000, in addition to the land valued at $92,000.

Thanks to the support of groupe sutton - synergie and its team, the Association de parents d'enfants Trisomique-21 Lanaudière was able to realize its project to have more space to offer its adapted services for its members.

The agency involvement

Over time, Yvon Cousineau and several groupe sutton - synergie real estate brokers raised approximately $500,000 out of the $842,000 for the house.

Many brokers have gotten involved over the years, making donations, organizing raffles, shows and fundraising events.

In 2015, Yvon Cousineau also undertook a journey on the roads to Compostelle where all the funds raised were donated to APETL.

This year, like every year, groupe sutton - synergie organized a draw to raise funds for the Association. For the 2023 edition, $12,400 was raised.

In continuity with their support of the past few years, the agency, accompanied by its brokers, volunteered to paint the entire 3,500 square foot building this summer. This action will help to keep the house in good condition, thus contributing to the fact that the children and families who frequent it continue to benefit from a welcoming and warm environment.