7 key steps to sell your condo quickly

Do you want to sell your condo? In a dynamic market where time is precious, understanding the steps to sell your condo quickly becomes essential.

Here are 7 key steps to maximize your chances of making a successful sale.

1. Collaborate with a real estate broker
2. Highlight your condo for sale
3. Set the right selling price
4. Maximize the marketing and visibility of your condo
5. Facilitate visits by being flexible and organizing open houses
6. Be open to negotiations
7. Be ready for the visit to the notary

How to sell your condo quickly

1. Collaborate with a real estate broker

A real estate sale is a large and complex transaction. Working with a real estate broker can help you sell your condo faster while getting the best terms.

Your broker is a real estate professional who helps you market your condo effectively in order to display it at the right price and attract a large audience of serious buyers. He accompanies you throughout the process and negotiates on your behalf to obtain the best possible conditions according to your situation.

2. Home stage your condo for sale

To facilitate the sale of your condo, it must be attractive to potential buyers. Help them project themselves into the place, imagine themselves living there. To do this, follow the rules of home staging. The goal is to showcase the best features of your condo and create a welcoming atmosphere for potential buyers.

  • Clean thoroughly and keep rooms clean and tidy.
  • Declutter to create a clean space: remove unnecessary furniture and items.
  • Depersonalize the premises by storing personal items, cleaning and hygiene products, toys, family photos, etc.
  • Make the decor more neutral with a coat of white or beige paint, for example, and by opting for sober accessories.
  • Don't neglect the exterior: your balcony or terrace is an integral part of your condo and can help attract buyers.
  • Arrange rooms to let in as much natural light as possible and to emphasize the view, especially if it can be a selling point.
  • Repair small imperfections that may catch the eye.

If your budget and time permit, make some improvements that could increase the value of your condo. Examples of effective renovations are the kitchen and bathrooms.

3. Set the right selling price

Establishing the right selling price for your condo is crucial. You want to target the right buyers while getting the best price for your property based on the market. Your real estate broker assesses your property to determine its market value.

4. Maximize the marketing and visibility of your condo

After home staging your condo for sale, take photos of the place and show off your condo's highlights. Consider adding photos of your building's common areas and any other features that might pique the interest of buyers.

For your listing, professional photos, quality video and a detailed description will help your condo stand out online to sell quickly. For example, if your building allows pets, mention it since it can be a deciding factor for some buyers.

Be sure to advertise your condo for sale everywhere: real estate websites, social networks, your entourage, etc.

Your best ally to help you maximize the visibility of your condo is your real estate broker. He informs you about the best strategy to adopt to effectively market your condo. Among other things, he has access to a large network to distribute your ad and find potential buyers.

In addition, by working with a real estate broker, your condo will be displayed on Centris.ca, the site with the largest offer of properties for sale and for rent in Quebec.

5. Facilitate visits by being flexible and organizing open houses

The easier you make it to visit your condo, the easier it will be for you to sell quickly. Be prepared to adjust your schedule to make your condo available for visits from potential buyers.

In the same vein, by organizing an open house, you create an opportunity for a greater number of buyers to visit your condo at the same time. Open houses can create a sense of urgency and stimulate buyer interest.

6. Be open to negotiations

Some flexibility in the terms can help you close the sale of your condo faster. Be open to negotiating with potential buyers to find common ground including price and closing times.

One of the roles of your real estate broker is to negotiate on your behalf and represent your best interests to obtain the best possible conditions.

7. Be ready for the visit to the notary

Make sure you have all the relevant documents and the funds required for the closing: certificate of location, declaration of co-ownership, deed of sale, maintenance invoices, etc.

Some additional documents may be required by mortgage lenders or potential buyers such as condo financial statements, bylaws, and minutes of condo association meetings. Having these documents at hand facilitates the sales process.


By following these key steps and being proactive, you will be well positioned to sell your condo quickly and efficiently. Your real estate broker is your ally in facilitating the sales process and a successful transaction.