The code of honour of a Sutton Broker

The code of honour of a Sutton Broker

As a Sutton Broker, I pledge to…

Serve you with professionalism

I will carry out my activities with great skill, experience, and to the best of my abilities, while maintaining my commitment towards the franchiser and its Brand.

Be loyal

Loyalty is a critical value and a moral quality that is expected of all brokers – as much towards clients than towards the common goals of the network.

Have integrity

You can count on me; I respect my commitments and my principles.  I agree to be held accountable for my actions and I will always act in the best interest of everyone.

Demonstrate my commitment

Sutton expects brokers to be committed to making the necessary efforts for reaching the set objectives which are to supportpromote and respect the Brand, as much in the realization of each transaction than in the after-sale service.

Demonstrate my leadership

Sutton favours brokers capable of guidinginfluencing and inspiring their clients and colleagues in the achievement of everyone’s individual objectives.

Demonstrate competence

My professional actions are a reflection of my knowledge and of the skills I have acquired and renewed.

Collaborate with my clients and my colleagues

Sutton brokers must work together so that each transaction is carried out in the best interest of their clients while respecting the professional code of ethics as well as their colleagues, whether they are competitors or not.