Mmmm... I want my own house but I have no clue where to start !


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This platform has been created espescially for new buyers and help plan buying a house on a period of 24 months. It will guide you through the steps of buying your first home in a simple and free way. 

Take advantage of our expertise for a customized, pain-free experience.


You will find on Soon at home website :

  • Tons of in-depth content about the buying process
  • Support from a team of experts when you are ready
  • Content and advice is free, with no obligation

We also offer you an overview of the four major steps you need to follow to simplify the purchase of your first home.



Find out if you are ready to become a home owner by downloading the Ebook from Soon at home that answer 3 basic questions to help decide if you’re ready or not. It's free ! 


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