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  1. The importance of home insurance when you are a tenant

    It may seem optional to many, but home insurance is actually essential. To protect yourself, your home and your furniture, it is important to take out home insurance that will take away many worries. Sutton Quebec comes back to this [...]

  2. Calculating moving costs

    The costs of a move can vary widely depending on how, where and also the volume. In any case, anticipating them will allow you to reduce them and better manage the unforeseen. Sutton Québec offers you a list of all the costs to be expected [...]

  3. How to define your real estate purchase criteria?

    Finding the property of your dreams is knowing how to listen to yourself. What is our personality and what is our way of life? How will this define our ideal place to live? At Sutton Quebec, our real estate brokers take this discovery [...]

  4. What checks should I make during a visit?

    Visit a property before buying it: obviously! However, once back home, do you have all the elements in your possession to make the right decision and make an offer to purchase? Sutton Quebec gives you some good procedures to make your [...]

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