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  1. The importance of home insurance as a tenant

    For most of us, we all have home insurance. It is very important to have one in order to protect our home and our furniture. However, home insurance may seem optional to many. Useful home insurance even if you are a tenant.Even if you [...]

  2. Moving expenses

    Moving can be expensive if you hire professionals. Fortunately, you can often rely on friends or family to lighten your expenses. Discover the main moving expenses and some tips to save money, thanks to the article in the Journal de [...]

  3. In addition to the mortgage, what to calculate?

    Read the article (French version only) PREMIÈRE MAISON L’HYPOTHÈQUE… ET TOUT LE RESTE On s’attarde beaucoup au prix de la maison, au montant maximal auquel on est admissible et à sa capacité à rembourser le prêt. Mais [...]

  4. 5 ideas to save on the purchase price of a house

    Read the article (French version only) Faire baisser le prix d’achat d’une maison que l’on souhaite acheter aura un impact considérable sur le long terme, puisque cela permettra d’économiser en frais d’intérêt. Voici cinq gestes qui [...]

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