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  1. Tips for buying a first home

    This article is in french only. Buying a first home for young buyers can be an exciting and stressful event. After all, it's the biggest investment of their life! That is why it is essential for the first buyers to be well informed about [...]

  2. Give an autumnal touch to your

    This article is in french only. Autumn rhymes with cozy. The temperature is cooling, it's dark a little earlier and, at this time of the year, we enjoy wrapping ourselves up in front of a good movie or read a great book.  With Halloween [...]

  3. The importance of inspecting your house annually

    This article is in french only.  Do you know that you should inspect your house on an annual basis to make sure everything is in order? From cleaning gutters to checking the hot water tank, everything must be done so that you can rest [...]

  4. 1,2,3... Go! Let's decorate for Halloween

    This article is in french only. Even though we tend to associate Halloween with children, it is possible for grown-up to enjoy it too! Since October 31 is approaching, it is time to decorate your house to amuse and frighten the children [...]

  5. When Autumn and household chores rhyme together

    Cleaning weekly is routine and necessary. Cleaning the closet to lighten its contents can be liberating! In addition, you can give different organizations clothes that do not make you anymore or for which you no longer have attachment! [...]

  6. How to make a difference for the environment in 40 ways

    This article is in french only We might think that it's difficult to have a green attitude, that it's gonna take more time and efforts and that our contribution won't make any difference in the end.  Think again! Every small gesture [...]

  7. The pumpkin steals the show!

    For years, going to apples was the autumn activity without a doubt. Now, pumpkin picking is gaining popularity. This inexpensive activity allows you to choose all the pumpkin formats that will allow you to embellish the outside of your [...]

  8. Heating and lighting: Can you bring down the cost?

    Presented by In Canada, winter is synonymous with snowy landscapes, cold-weather sports… And soaring electricity bills. What if you could make changes to your house, or plan the construction of your next home to reduce the amount of [...]

  9. How to use rainwater and why?

    The full article is in French only. In an era where each and everyone of us is becoming more aware that we need to take care of our planet, every gesture made matters. This is why it is important to be educated about what kind of actions [...]

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