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  1. Security at home: pay attention to batteries!

    Most of us keep extra batteries in our kitchen drawers or other storage spaces in the house. Take care because these batteries could be a real bomb in your home. In 2018, Health Canada received more than 1,000 complaints from consumers [...]

  2. A Christmas Gift List ENERGY STAR!

    You finalize your gift Christmas Gift List? You can buy something to make someone happy and help promote energy efficiency. Furthermore, these gifts could help you or someone else save on electricity bills. If you want to buy electronics, [...]

  3. Christmas decorations : safety comes first!

    We are getting near the end of the year. That’s mean you will probably enjoy and share nice moments with your family, your friends and prepare Christmas decorations, Christmas lights. Be careful, some events can darken all these beautiful [...]

  4. 2018: a great year for the Montreal economy!

    The year 2018 seems to be a good year for Montreal’s economy, and the real estate sector has contributed. We can expect the higher demand for property to be driven by increasing full-time employment rates, the result Montreal’s [...]

  5. Landlords and tenants: more than good relationships!

    We all want a beautiful living environment  ... whether you own or rent. As tenants, we may think that it is a noble ideal. Many tenants live this life as a standard. We can read in a french article from Andréa Dumont that more and more [...]

  6. Learn more about stoves and fireplaces.

    Stoves and fireplaces Before buying and asking someone to install a new stove or fireplace, you will need to get some information about: municipality’s regulations on residential stoves and fireplaces and installation standards. [...]

  7. Right LED Bulb. How to choose?

    We all want to get some tips to understand our electricity use, to reduce our electricity bills, to save money and choose good energy-efficient products. Regarding lighting, everybody talks about the LED. Do you want how to choose the [...]

  8. Table Setting

    As holidays are coming, we know that you are probably planning to host an elegant dinner, lunch or brunch party. Do you know how to set your table ? We can help you. First, you need to choose the situation. Do you want to set a table [...]

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