Small hints... great results


Put all the chances on your side to sell your property faster.

 1.   Detaching

Remember, your home will no longer be yours after the sale and should be marketed as a product. When looking at your home, you should decide on a general theme that emphasizes the best features of your home and portrays an overall mood.

 2.   Making a good impression

You don't get a second chance to make a first impression. Clean up and revamp your front entrance way. It is the first place a buyer will see. Polish doorknobs, replace burnt light bulbs, and repaint the door if it is stained or scratched.

 3.   Doing a major cleanup

Do a thorough cleaning before putting your house on the market. Spotless walls, windows, carpets, flooring, and appliances make a lasting first impression. Key areas are the kitchen, bathroom and front entry. If your carpets or vinyl floors are stained, especially in high traffic areas, you should consider replacing them.

Preparing for visits... Beyond cleaning!

 4.   Consider the outside of your house

Does the exterior need a cleaning, do your hedges need trimming? A tidy outside raises less concern about maintenance issues.

 5.   Decluttering your home

Remove any clutter. Small appliances on countertops, knick-knacks and jam-packed bookshelves can be packed away in preparation of moving. Family photos should also be packed away so that the potential buyer can more easily visualize their own possessions in your home.

 Declutter your home for sale or move

 6.   Creating a nice atmosphere

Vacant homes should have the heat or air conditioning on for showing purposes. It reduces the stale odours that accumulate inside of a vacant house and gives a more inviting impression to potential homebuyers. The mood in your home is dependent on odours. If your home has an unpleasant or mildew smell you will want to remove the source of the odour. Open up the windows to let fresh air inside your home before the visit. If you are going to use a scented candle or incense, try and use mild varieties as strong smells can irritate sensitive noses.

 7.   Checking the lighting

Consider your lighting. Natural light makes a home feel more welcoming, open and appealing. Drapes and blinds should be opened and mood lighting left on in darker rooms.

 8.   Making any small repairs

Make any small repairs (leaky faucets, squeaky doors...) These minor repairs add up in the mind of a potential buyer.

 9.   Pets

If you have pets, ensure that their dishes, sleeping areas, and litter boxes are clean. All noticeable pet hair should be vacuumed. Take them out for a walk during the visit ... many people have animal allergies.

 10.   Avoid loud music during showings.