Things That Won't Increase Your Home Value

Many homeowners often do upgrades and renovation thinking make their place more valuable. But the fact is that some home improvements don't add value to the properties.

Let's take a look at some renovations that could possibly be helpful for improving your daily well-being, but that will not help you if you intend to increase the value of your home.


  • Extensive Professional Landscaping

Even if you build an entire amusement park or a beautiful landscaping with fountains in your backyard, you won't be able to get a rise in the value of the entire property. Many buyers won't accept to pay a high price for a beautiful landscaping.

  • Upgrading the Utilities

Upgrade the electrical wiring, replace the sewer represent improvements which are considered maintenance. And maintenance doesn't bring value but just proove that you know how to take care of a house as a good homeowner.

  • New Roof or HVAC

As the previous exemple, upgrade the roof or the HVAC system represent maintenance.

  • Swimming Pool or Personal Spa

Add a swimming pool or a spa in your garden because you want to enjoy your life in your home. And not because you want to resell your house more expenseive.

  • Making Dated Decor Changes

You can restore your kictehn or bathroom, which, usually a good home improvements which add value, but you must pay attention to the design, the material used.

  • Painting Your House

Painting is also maintenance and won't bring some value.

  • Solar Panels

For the time being, we cannot say that add solar panel could add value but can certainly help you save on energy.

So, don’t tell yourself that we advise you not to carry out all these renovations. But it is important that you be warned that the money you will be injecting will not be a financial investment. However, some of them could help during the resale because they will allow to present a property that will reassure the future buyer, and that will demonstrate the proper maintenance of it.