Familiarize yourself with Feng Shui.

* Feng Shui teaches us how to create the spaces in our environment so that the energy around us, which is called Chi in China, can flow as much as possible.
From this harmonious circulation within our environment will result a positive attitude, thoughts and feelings and therefore a good health, a harmonious family and professional life.

* This art also has as its foundation the Yin and the Yang which represent, for summary, of the necessary opposites, complements necessary for the harmony of a whole.

* Another foundation on which the Feng Shui relies is the theory of the 5 elements. This theory allows us to guide us in the use of materials, materials in each room.The 5 elements must be present in each space, but we must know how to balance them, harmonize them. For example, in a kitchen, the fire element is very present with the oven, the stove. Care must be taken not to create tension with the walls by using fire colours such as red, orange and trying to appease it with the Earth element, represented by ceramics or ochre colours, etc.

5 elements

* In order to quickly analyze whether the decoration of its environment is in harmony with what we want to improve.This tool is called the Pa Kua


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