Renovation work in co-ownership

Become a co-owner or owner? There are a lot of questions, and for some, the operation of a house seems to be easier and the condominium seems to require a minimum of intervention with regard to the maintenance of the building. It is true that for the common parts, the responsibility for maintenance and various renovations rests with the syndicate. What about the interior of your condo? You are obviously responsible for the maintenance and renovation work. But be careful about the renovation work! It is important to take note of some information that can make a difference when you start buying a condo.

You should know that there are regulations governing the work done inside your condo.And those regulations can vary significantly from building to building.

We can say that the regulations for renovating and modifying the units of a building are quite strict, so if you buy a condo to reconfigure it in whole or in part, check with the Board of Directors as you may need their approval and read the condominium declaration of the building in question.

Here is a list of the work you would like to do inside your condo that normally requires no board of directors approval.

  • Painting work
  • Installation work of luminaires, chandeliers, etc.
  • Replacement of a sink.
  • Installation of wallpaper, wall decorations, etc.
  • Work of carpet laying

But be careful, depending on the building, it is better to inform the board of directors in advance.


Here is a list of things you would like to do inside your condo that require board of directors approval (non-exhaustive list).

  • Renovations to the bathroom
  • Plumbing modification work
  • Work to modify electricity
  • Renovation of the kitchen
  • Work to change floor coverings
  • Work to change the layout of rooms (for example, demolition of partitions, walls, etc.)
  • Etc.

Also, know that if some work is planned in the common areas and it is necessary to intervene in your home to carry them out, you cannot oppose it.

Get informed before starting your construction site.In condos, you live in condominiums.