Interior floor coverings

Which flooring for which room in our houses?

Before making your choice, it is important to take the time necessary to select a product that meets the needs of your different spaces.

For example, does the space need a water-resistant soil, Does it need to provide some comfort and will there be a lot of passage there?

Here are, for each of the coatings below, the spaces in which it is advisable to use them.


Ideal space: Living room, dining room, rooms

- Carpet

Ideal space: Room with shoe-free passages most often.


- Ceramic Tile

Ideal space: water and kitchen.

- Laminate

Ideal space: almost all rooms


- Vinyl

Ideal space: kitchens, bathroom, bedroom, living room.

- Linoleum

Ideal space: all interior spaces except wet spaces.

- Cork

Ideal space: avoid in the kitchen or dining room.


- Concrete

Ideal space: being heavy, its use is preferable in buildings with a very solid structure.