Daniel Burbela and Erik Hamon, involved real estate brokers, invite you to give to the cause

Daniel Burbela and Erik Hamon, real estate brokers within the team of groupe sutton - center ouest, are organizing for the third consecutive year donation drive for the Chez Doris organization to help vulnerable women and homeless women in Montreal.


The third edition of their involvement for the cause will take place on December 18th and 19th and they invite you to give generously.

What is Chez Doris?

For more than 40 years, Chez Doris has been helping vulnerable women and homeless women by meeting their most basic and immediate needs: the organization provides sanitary products, health and mental health services, socio-recreational activities, housing placement and more. Chez Doris is "the only women’s day shelter in Montréal offering 24/7 service". To learn more about their mission, visit their website www.chezdoris.org/en/.

A third annual donation drive for the organization

Daniel Burbela and Erik Hamon began their partnership with Chez Doris in 2019. The brokers proposed their idea of going on a "tour" to collect donations. Excited with the idea, the organization offered them to use their van. Chez Doris Van for the donation drive

So, for the third year, Daniel and Erik have set aside a weekend to schedule appointments to collect donations. This year it will be December 18th and 19th, 2021. Anyone interested should contact them to make an appointment. The two brokers will pick up donations at their door with the Chez Doris van.

While they picked up donations from about twenty people in 2019, this year, their goal is to reach fifty donations. With less than a week to go before the donation drive weekend, they are already at nearly forty appointments and continue to promote to meet or exceed their goal. "If we have 100 people who want to donate and it's going to take another day, that's okay with us. We want to do it. We're here to do it. We love doing it," Daniel enthused during our interview.

Over the past two years, they have managed to fill the van. Among other things, they have collected a hundred winter coats, numerous gift cards and close to $2000 in cash.


How can you contribute?

They invite people to donate their winter coats that are in good condition but no longer in use, to give a second chance to items that can help people who really need it.

They ask people to only donate what is on the list (see below). Chez Doris has already received many donations and their storage is full. So they prioritize seasonal items. Gift cards and cash are also welcome.

If you are interested in contributing and live in the Greater Montreal area, please contact Daniel or Erik to set up an appointment to pick up your donations on December 18th or 19th.Annual Donation Drive for Chez Doris

Why Chez Doris?

Erik Hamon has always enjoyed volunteering his time for non-profit organizations. Among other things, he helped organize the SPCA's group St. Patrick's Day Parade and organized a few superhero visits for hospitalized children.

Daniel and Erik have always found it important to give back to the community. Eager to get involved, they met with Chez Doris director Marina Boulos-Winton in 2019. After their conversation and a tour of the facility, they saw a real need to help women in distress or homelessness. That's when they proposed their donation drive idea and the partnership began.

"After three years, we've made a good connection with the people who work at Chez Doris'," said Erik. He smiled as he was telling how the organization's staff asked them to dress up as Santa and one of his elves for their pre-pandemic Christmas party.Erik Hamon et Daniel Burbela pour le party de Noel de Chez Doris

Experienced real estate brokers

Daniel Burbela has 10 years of experience as a real estate broker and Erik Hamon, 14 years. In addition to working as a team on the donation drive for Chez Doris, the two brokers collaborate in their profession. Although they have their own clients, they help each other in order to always offer an impeccable service.


Why did you choose Sutton?

The first thing that came to mind when they were asked was "the atmosphere". Since they started at Sutton, they have loved the team and the atmosphere of the Sutton - Centre Ouest office. The team is always available to answer to their questions or help them if needed.


Time management with the organization of the collection

Organizing and coordinating the donation drive is time consuming. The biggest challenge is "doing it all at the same time as our work as brokers," says Erik. The real estate market in 2021 is very strong and brokers have had a record year, which keeps them very busy. But the duo says they're doing a great job juggling the two. As this is their third year involved with the organization, they know how the process works and it's going well. They say they want to continue this fundraiser for years to come.

Interested in making a donation to Chez Doris? Contact Erik Hamon or Daniel Burbela:

Daniel Burbela

Erik Hamon