Why Should You Sell With A Sutton Broker


The real estate broker is at the heart of your sales project.

Discover the values and exclusive advantages that our Sutton Québec real estate brokers offer you. 


Dealing with a Sutton real estate broker reduces the complexity of the sale process and frees considerable time. Stay away from stress!

The Sutton broker is the heart of your real estate project as he manages all essential files to the success of your sale and constantly keeps in touch with several stakeholders (buyers, marketing team, brokers, notary, etc.).

Why a Sutton broker?

He evaluates your property for free.

He has access to comparable properties recently sold and the current economic conditions. With its exclusive tools, you will be able to target the correct market value of your home.


He maximizes the visibility of your property.

He has a large network of contacts. From the first day of publication, your property is sent to over 15,000 other brokers who have the desire to find a buyer and sell your property at its maximum value. He offers the best visibility on the market by the ability to publicize your listing on social medias, newspapers and websites.

He saves you time and money.

No need to ask a day off to your employer and to spend your evenings and weekends staying at home for open houses. He manages calls and visits 24/7.

He helps buyers in their mortgage process.

With the help of our mortgage representatives, even if you’ve been disapproved by your bank, you still can change your buyer status.

He is honest with you.

Continuously, he collects feedback from buyers and regularly submits you a report. Together, you work to minimize the harmful elements for sale and to maximize the interest and the value of your property.


He prepares...

...the counter-proposal to a promise to purchase and verifies all conditions. He is formed for this and knows the legal issues. That's reassuring!

He negotiates...

...on your behalf to get you the best possible conditions. You will appreciate his service to demystify the terms of the promise to purchase. Your Sutton broker represents YOUR interests. He wants you to sell at the best price and with the best conditions.

You see that the work of a Sutton brokers increases the pool of buyers, secures the transaction and reduces the risk. In short, he is a key player of your team for a successful sale!


Realtors at Heart!

Our brokers work for you 24/7.
With us, you will sell your property.