Home orientation for optimal sun exposure

When looking for houses or apartments, the most popular criterion is exposure to the sun. Is it better to buy a house or apartment facing south, facing north, etc. ? Sutton Quebec gives you some tips on the ideal orientation of your home.

What impact does the orientation of a property have?

Well, besides the sunny atmosphere which can bring a feeling of well-being, comfort, another direct impact will be centered on your heating and air conditioning bills. It is therefore not negligible to take an interest in it if you are looking for a new apartment, a new house to buy or rent, or if you want to build your property.

Overall orientation can be important, but since a property has multiple walls, the most important thing is to think about the display of certain rooms, rather than the overall display.

In addition, it is also important to note that sun exposure must take into account the season and the time of day.

Sun exposure



Which rooms in the house should face north?

The north would be suitable for:

  • the cellar;
  • the laundry room;
  • the garage;
  • the bathroom.

Because the north is the coldest exposure since the sun faces it less.


Which rooms in the house should face east?

The east or south-east would be suitable for:

  • bedrooms (especially those for children);
  • the office;
  • the kitchen, if it is not used as a living room.

Because the east and the south-east benefit from the exposure of the morning sun without having excessive heat, thus, the parts which are exposed there remain cool in the afternoon and at the end of the day.


Which rooms in the house should face south?

The south would be suitable for:

  • the stay;
  • the dining room;
  • the open kitchen.

Because the south offers the most light and the best thermal comfort. Even if the sunshine is long, the rooms facing south are not excessively heated.


Which rooms in the house should face west?

The west would not be suitable for living rooms, during the hot seasons, unless trees hide a little the incoming rays.

During sunny winter days, it would be a good exposure.

The west enjoys the sun during the afternoon and at the end of the day but these rays of the sun are the hottest.

which orientation for which rooms of the houseSo, will you be using a compass on your next research visits? Also discover our article on purchasing criteria and preparing for your visits.