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  1. What lighting for your coloured walls?

    Do you know that lighting influences the perception of the colours of your walls and furniture in your interiors. Depending on the type of lighting, your walls will not have the same visual effect. Let’s quickly look at artificial [...]

  2. Setting up a winter garden

    Winter doesn’t mean we don’t need a garden.Yes, even in winter you can enjoy a home garden. What do you mean? In a first step, thanks to a veranda or a corner very well lit naturally of your stay.Then, go to the layout of the places. - [...]

  3. Some notions about capital gains.

    Revenu Québec explains that ''If you disposed of capital property (for example, if you sold, transferred, gave or bequeathed shares, bonds, debts, land or buildings), you may have to include a portion of the gain realized in your income.'' [...]

  4. Some points about selling without a legal warranty

    It has certainly happened to you in your search for real estate to read the mention "sale without legal warranty". Are you still confused when you read this statement today? Here are a few things to consider when you see this inscription. [...]

  5. Incorporate light therapy into your decoration.

    With the well-established winter season, the lack of light is increasingly being felt.And it affects our mental health and well-being on a daily basis. Light therapy is a way to remedy these few winter sicknesses. Thus, thanks to suitable [...]

  6. A home-made skating rink for your winter

    If you have a large space in your backyard, have you thought about creating a home rink?It would be a good idea for the holiday season!Its construction and maintenance are not so complicated and are within everyone’s reach, provided the [...]

  7. 2019 Christmas Party for disadvantaged children

    In order to give a smile and a magical day to disadvantaged children, groupe sutton - alliance is proud to have organized the 5th edition of the Christmas party for disadvantaged children on December 17 at the Annie Bellerive equestrian [...]

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