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  1. Buy a second home in Quebec

    Buying a secondary property is a great achievement. To fully benefit from it, define your criteria, your desires and your budget. In this article, Sutton Quebec offers you the right questions to ask yourself to successfully buy your [...]

  2. Why change real estate network for Sutton Quebec?

    Are you a real estate broker and want to change your banner? If you are looking for a network of recognized, passionate and human real estate brokers, join Sutton Québec. Discover all the advantages enjoyed by our large family of real [...]

  3. Learn about Feng Shui

    FENG SHUI AT A GLANCE Feng shui is based on the principle that the way in which our interior is arranged has an impact on our life. It is therefore necessary to make sure to create a harmonious whole and balance the forces present in your [...]

  4. How to define your real estate purchase criteria?

    Finding the property of your dreams is knowing how to listen to yourself. What is our personality and what is our way of life? How will this define our ideal place to live? At Sutton Quebec, our real estate brokers take this discovery [...]

  5. What is it to be passionate about real estate?

    Real estate is more than just a job. The best real estate brokers are above all passionate. But what exactly is being passionate about real estate? Sutton Quebec lists you in bulk "to be passionate about real estate is ...".   Being [...]

  6. Make a good rental investment: 3 essential criteria

    Engaging in a rental investment is not without a choice repercussion. This choice may turn out to be good or bad depending on some criteria. Sutton Quebec invites you to discover 3 main pillars for a successful rental investment: buy a [...]

  7. Getting started in real estate: where to start?

    Being a real estate broker cannot be improvised. Far beyond a passion for the profession, working in real estate requires knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills. Sutton Québec gives you the first strings to pull on to start off in [...]

  8. 10 mistakes not to make when selling your property

    Since a life project cannot be improvised, Sutton Quebec draws your attention to the mistakes to avoid when selling your property or condo. When to put on sale? How much, how, where... so many questions to ask yourself so as not to make [...]

  9. Tips for valuing an empty property for sale

    You sell your property but you have already left the premises and there is no more furniture... buyers may find it difficult to plan. Sutton Quebec offers you some solutions to enhance an empty property for sale. Buyers' brakes [...]

  10. Tips for a successful photo shoot and sell your property

    An essential step in the sale of your home, a photo shoot is the first tool to seduce potential buyers. Therefore prepare it carefully. At Sutton Quebec, it is carried out by a professional: your broker or an independent photographer. It [...]

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