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  1. Eliminate unpleasant odours from your animals.

    You just adopted a friend and you’re a little confused by the little accidents that happen: pee on the floor, on the carpet, on fabrics, etc.Or you just want to mask some animal smells that you’re clearly not used to. Here are some easy, [...]

  2. Invest in housing for your student child.

    Time flies and your child will be a student by next fall. You are probably thinking about the money that will be spent in the next few years. Moreover, you do not live close to the university where he will be attending university in the [...]

  3. Decorate your home for an extended holiday

    Are you just coming back from vacation and you’re already missing that? Would you extend that for the rest of the year? If you are planning to renovate your home, here are some ideas for decorations that will make you feel on [...]

  4. Mold in the house.

    Moulds is a fungus fungi, invisible to the individual eye.These fungus multiply inside buildings on porous materials (such as wood, cardboard, fabrics, gypsum board, etc.) that they feed on in the presence of excess water and/or [...]

  5. Organic Origami

    Are you looking for cost-effective solutions to replace your kitchen bin bags?Watch this tutorial available as a video. You can also download it by clicking on the image below. Organic Origami [...]

  6. A little privacy outside

    To enjoy your balcony away from prying eyes, there is a very simple way: the privacy walls or screens. This is a simple or elaborate project construction which, in addition to decorating your space, allows you to obtain more privacy and [...]

  7. Originality in its decoration

    You want to bring originality in your decoration? Are you good at DIY?Here are some examples that will certainly spark your creativity.Hanging gardens with lamp.     @ - Pinterest [...]

  8. Outdoor activities with little space

    Here are some ideas for outdoors activities to do with your children, whether you have a garden or a balcony. - Let your children play with a mixture of potting soil, freshly cut grass, flowers, small stones, all in a bin or a toy storage [...]

  9. Show wood in bathroom!

    You want to use wood in your bathroom? This is quite possible. Here are some information that can help you. Don’t be afraid of moisture! It is, of course, essential that the wood in your bathroom be moisture resistant. Each wood [...]

  10. Home orientation for optimal sun exposure

    When we are looking for houses, one of the most popular criteria is sun exposure. Is it better to buy a house or apartment facing south, north, etc.? How a house is oriented in relation to the sun can have an important impact on heating [...]

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