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  1. How to maintain your house throughout the year?

    It is certain that when the good weather arrives, it is time to get busy with the maintenance of your property. But still, a home needs attention all year round. Sutton Quebec offers you a list of best practices for maintaining your home [...]

  2. What are the buyers' hold backs and how to remedy them?

    To sell your property quickly, it is important to put all your chances on your side. Knowing the expectations of future buyers as well as their obstacles to the acquisition of a property will allow you to anticipate and sometimes even [...]

  3. The code of honour of a Sutton Broker

    As a Sutton Broker, I pledge to… Serve you with professionalism I will carry out my activities with great skill, experience, and to the best of my abilities, while maintaining my commitment towards the franchiser and its Brand. Be loyal [...]

  4. Working as a family: the Emmanuelle Beaudet team

    The Emmanuelle Beaudet team continues our theme of "Working as a Family"! In order to establish the context of family ties: Emmanuelle and Pascale are sisters; Yannick is Emmanuelle’s husband. All three work together with well defined [...]

  5. Meeting with a father-son trio: Équipe Lacroix

    On the phone, difficult to distinguish the 3 voices of this dynamic trio made up of the father and his 2 sons. They have the same laughter, the same values, the same vision, but each has their own unique personality. Portrait of the [...]

  6. Working as a family: Martin DUMONT and Celina MACHADO

    Martin and Celina launch our Working as a Family theme with this first interview! Martin and Celina are married and have a 5 year old daughter. They work together in groupe sutton - synergie inc. alongside brokers Marie-Claire Laroche, [...]

  7. How to prioritize your renovation work?

    How do you prioritize your renovations when the list is endless? There are many reasons for wanting to renovate your property: whether you fell in love with an old house, whether you want to make a sale with added value or whether you [...]

  8. How to prepare well for winter in Quebec?

    It’s time to switch to winter mode. Whether it's your home, your car or even you, everyone has the right to their winter transition. Sutton Quebec offers you a list of things to think about to be ready and have a good Quebec winter. [...]

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