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  1. Do you know what is a home equity line of credit?

    Offering more flexibility in payments than a mortgage, the home equity line of credit can be useful to those who want to make home changes - such as major renovations - without having to apply for credit. Is it for you? Read the complete [...]

  2. Condo Owners: Keep a record of any improvements made

    Under the new rules, your condominium corporation must keep a record of the improvements made by each owner in their condo, including details such as the amount of work and in what order. Normally, most unions ask homeowners to keep them [...]

  3. 5 tips for creating a homework area for children

    Homework time is often dreaded by parents - and what about children! - but oh! how necessary! So that this routine activity is a pleasant one, you will find in 5 tips to arrange a corner for children, found on Canal Vie, ideas to get [...]

  4. Renovate your bathroom: tips and tricks

    The goal of any renovation is usually to optimize the space and increase the quality of life. Some rooms often seem more important to renovate, because we spend some of our time there. The bathroom is no exception, and even in a small [...]

  5. Clean up your home in 30 minutes

    You receive a call, announcing an unexpected visit from your great aunt. Cleaning! Quick, you must clean! Before you panic, read Clean Up Your Home in 30 Minutes, from Canal Vie, and become a household pro ... or camouflage pro! [...]

  6. Agricultural land at attractive prices

    Succession in agriculture is a real problem right now. Sometimes the family members take control of the family business, but when nobody has interest, what to do with the land? Sell them at a discount? Read the article Farmland at [...]

  7. Rising rates: good news for some homeowners

    Thinking of buying your first property in the next few months? The rate hike could be beneficial to you! The article Rising Rates: Good news for some homeowners (in French only), from Les Affaires, indicates how far this could be positive [...]

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