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  1. Your first mortgage: have you thought of everything?

    Your first mortgage: have you thought of everything?Yann Fortier for Desjardins Are you about to make one of the biggest transactions of your life? Congratulations! Your next step? Get a mortgage. Here are some things you'll need to do [...]

  2. The truth about compostable bags

    Many consumers are reluctant to choose a bag for their compost bin. Is there a difference between compostable bags and biodegradable bags? Do they need to be certified? The sutton - québec group team invites you to read this article, Le [...]

  3. Active real estate market, how to prepare for it?

    Before you start buying a property, it is important to ask yourself some basic questions to ensure your real estate success. Your ability to repay a mortgage and the desired location are just two important questions you need to ask [...]

  4. Become a champion of renovation

    Becoming a champion of renovation begins with excellent planning, without the need to lift a hammer! But how exactly do you do that? This is what Éducaloi explains in this article from the Journal de Montréal (in french only): Travaux de [...]

  5. If the walls could talk ...

    We are not alone in not being eternal, your property is getting older too! By learning to pay attention to the brick and mortar of your home, you will discover more easily the evils that afflict your building. Our team found this article [...]

  6. Delegate mowing your lawn to a contractor

    The mowing period is slowly approaching. So do you prefer to spend time behind the mower or do you think you'd rather have a contractor do the work? The sutton - québec group team offers you this article so that you can make the best [...]

  7. The in-ground pool

    Ah it's good to imagine a pool dug in the backyard of his property. Do you also think about it for the coming summer season? That's great, our team found this article presenting several models available on the market. In order to know [...]

  8. Spring cleaning, do not throw away everything!

    Give to the next, what's more rewarding? Whether you're starting renovations, moving out, or planning to do your spring cleaning, all of these are good reasons to donate your stranded items to participating community organizations. Did [...]

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