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  1. Right LED Bulb. How to choose?

    We all want to get some tips to understand our electricity use, to reduce our electricity bills, to save money and choose good energy-efficient products. Regarding lighting, everybody talks about the LED. Do you want how to choose the [...]

  2. Learn more about stoves and fireplaces.

    Stoves and fireplaces Before buying and asking someone to install a new stove or fireplace, you will need to get some information about: municipality’s regulations on residential stoves and fireplaces and installation standards. Here [...]

  3. Table Setting

    As holidays are coming, we know that you are probably planning to host an elegant dinner, lunch or brunch party. Do you know how to set your table ? We can help you. First, you need to choose the situation. Do you want to set a table [...]

  4. Save on your electricity bill!

    Sunny days are getting shorter, temperatures are getting lower and lower. We will give you a smile thanks to a single word: "Save". Let us help you save! In a previous article, we talked about DIY window caulking and hawo important it [...]

  5. Wall clock: wall decoration!

    November 4th, 2018, on the first Sunday of November, at 2 am, in Canada, we change the clocks for daylight saving time."Spring forward" in the spring and "fall back" in the fall : this is an easy way to remember which way to change the [...]

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