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  1. Architectural styles of houses in Quebec

    What is the history of the houses we find in Quebec? The architectural heritage developed under French, English and American regimes. Thus, throughout the years, the province has been able to see evolve in its architectural heritage of [...]

  2. Moving day

    July 1st is not just the Canada Day; it is also, in Quebec, the moving day. Indeed, it is customary, for many tenants, to schedule his move on July 1st. Why is this date synonymous with mass movements from one appartment to another? [...]

  3. Do you need an alarm system?

    Have you ever wondered if an alarm system was really useful for your property?Do you hesitate to install one?Do you know all the functions that this equipment can fulfill?Here are some things that might help you make your decision. [...]

  4. Doors for your loft

    You want to live in an open space, like a loft for example? But open space is not necessarily synonymous with space without a door. There is the bathroom door or the bedroom's. So in order not to distort the atmosphere of open space, we [...]

  5. Maintenance of your heating units.

    Winter is behind us, but it will be back in several months and it would be good to get ready for it before. You may have experienced a slight decrease in the speed of your device or a slight smell of burning when it becomes active in the [...]

  6. Things That Won't Increase Your Home Value

    Many homeowners often do upgrades and renovation thinking make their place more valuable. But the fact is that some home improvements don't add value to the properties. Let's take a look at some renovations that could possibly be helpful [...]

  7. Electric vehicle home charging

    Thinking of getting an electric vehicle? First of all, you need to know that since 2010, all mass-market electric vehicles in North America have used the same outlet and a standard connector (SAE-J1772). This means you can plug your EV [...]

  8. Purchase a Land Property

    Purchasing a land property can be a good idea for an investment or just for your family patrimony. It is important to take the right steps before and after purchase to ensure your plans for the property can be carried out smoothly.  [...]

  9. Air conditioners: Which one to choose?

    This summer, you want to stay cool in your home while the heat wave rages outside. The air conditioning system will be a good choice. Above all, focus on the following points: Power Energy efficiency Noise Then it is important to [...]

  10. How to keep your bouquet of flowers?

    How to keep your bouquet of flowers? If you want to help your bouquet of fresh flowers last longer, you will need to follow these few steps: Step 1: Add 1 quart warm water to a clean vase. Step 2: Pour 2 Tbsp sugar into the water. The [...]

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