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  1. Condo vs. house!

    You want to buy a property. How to decide between a house vs a condo? A condo is a good choice for a buyer who: doesn’t have the interest, time or ability to take care of the regular maintenance or repairs of a house (plumbing, [...]

  2. Clean up your home in 30 minutes

    You receive a call, announcing an unexpected visit from your great aunt. Cleaning! Quick, you must clean! Before you panic, read Clean Up Your Home in 30 Minutes, from Canal Vie, and become a household pro ... or camouflage pro! [...]

  3. Save on your pool and spa fees

    If you have the benefit of having a pool or spa at home or planning to install a new pool or spa, you should enjoy it and not worry about high fees. Here are a few tips from Hydro-Quebec to save up to 75% on water heating costs. Choose [...]

  4. The RL-31 slips

    If you are a landlord (owner of rental property) and you leased an eligible dwelling for which rent was paid or payable on December 31, from last year, did you become aware of all your obligations as the filing deadline approaches? Did you [...]

  5. Storage ideas for toys.

    A tidy house helps make you feel good at home. And when you have children, storage can be a very recurring task. Here are some creative ideas to store your kids' toys and other stuff.   * Store toys car with bar magnets (Source : [...]

  6. The power of colors to enlarge your spaces!

    Color can transform a room, we know it, but do you know that several shades can help to make a room bigger or give it more light. Here a few paint colors you should consider for your next project if you want to make your rooms look [...]

  7. Clear your roof from massive snow or not?

    In principle, both flat and sloped roofs are built to withstand the snow loads that can be expected in Quebec. But there are signs to watch out for if you're worried that the roof may not be handling the buildup well : Cracks on walls [...]

  8. Contract Between Common-Law Partners

    Common-law couples are officially known in Quebec law as "de facto" couples. They don't have the same rights under the law as married or civil-union couples. Do you know that these couple can create a written agreement called a contract [...]

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