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  1. Dedicated to the cause of women

    Louise Renaud and Élaine Sylvestre, respectively assistant director and real estate broker in the groupe sutton – synergie team in Joliette, offer their time and pool their passion and resources to help women and children who are victims [...]

  2. Selling a house in need of renovation: practical advice

    Selling a home in need of renovation requires a greater marketing effort. More work will be required to highlight it despite its imperfections. Several elements must therefore be considered and calculated in order to successfully sell it. [...]

  3. What are the closing costs when buying a home?

    In the expenses related to the purchase of a house, it is necessary to consider the closing costs, which means the legal and administrative costs related to the transaction. These fees are payable one-time upon closing of the home [...]

  4. 5 Inspiring Christmas Trees For The Holidays In 2022

    Presented by Décors Véronneau Whether it's your first Christmas in your new home or you simply want to refresh your decor to create precious memories, Décors Véronneau is there to help you. With its 5 most beautiful Christmas tree ideas [...]

  5. What to know before renting an apartment

    Just like buying a property, renting an apartment or a house must be planned and requires steps that should not be overlooked. Here is a list of things to know before renting an apartment. SUMMARY Considering all the costs associated [...]

  6. Tips for preparing your home for sale

    Preparing your home for sale requires some investment of time and money, but is worth it in order to get the most out of the transaction. Taking the time to prepare your property not only facilitates the sale by attracting buyers, but also [...]

  7. How to define your real estate purchase criteria?

    Finding the property of your dreams means knowing how to listen to yourself. What is your personality and what is your way of life? What kind of properties would allow you to thrive? Here are some tips to help you define your criteria for [...]

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