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  1. Table Setting

    As holidays are coming, we know that you are probably planning to host an elegant dinner, lunch or brunch party. Do you know how to set your table ? We can help you. First, you need to choose the situation. Do you want to set a table [...]

  2. Save on your electricity bill!

    Sunny days are getting shorter, temperatures are getting lower and lower. We will give you a smile thanks to a single word: "Save". Let us help you save! In a previous article, we talked about DIY window caulking and hawo important it [...]

  3. Wall clock: wall decoration!

    November 4th, 2018, on the first Sunday of November, at 2 am, in Canada, we change the clocks for daylight saving time."Spring forward" in the spring and "fall back" in the fall : this is an easy way to remember which way to change the [...]

  4. What to know before refinancing your mortgage

    There can be many benefits to mortgage refinancing if you have goals or projects that you want to achieve. However, it is important to be aware of everything that comes with renewing your mortgage to avoid unpleasant surprises. For [...]

  5. Winter is coming, time to prepare the house!

    This article is in french only. The arrival of November means that winter is upon us. As everyone knows, Quebec winters are synonymous with cold and heavy snow. That's why you have to think of preparing the house before the winter season [...]

  6. The basic rules to decorate your home office

    This article is in french only.More and more people have the option of teleworking, that is working in the comfort of their own home. However, working from home can make motivation more difficult to find, so why not make it more [...]

  7. Renting your house, yes but how?

    This article is in french only.With the rise of AirBnB and other similar companies, it can be seen that it can be quite profitable to rent one's property when one is absent. It is also possible to do it with your house; however, it is [...]

  8. Tips for buying a first home

    This article is in french only. Buying a first home for young buyers can be an exciting and stressful event. After all, it's the biggest investment of their life! That is why it is essential for the first buyers to be well informed about [...]

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