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  1. Save on your pool and spa fees

    If you have the benefit of having a pool or spa at home, you should definitely enjoy it since the beginning of summer. Do not worry about high fees, and read these tips from Hydro-Quebec, which we find relevant for your wallet! [...]

  2. Neighborhood Disorder

    You've moved out recently, and you realize that your neighbor is using too much of his seniority in the neighborhood ... You wonder if he acts legally or if you are in front of a "neighborhood disorder"? Éducaloi takes stock of these [...]

  3. No housing bubble in Ottawa, but property prices rise

    7.9% price increase on properties in Ottawa, but we are not talking about a housing bubble ... Why is it interesting to look at the market of our neighbors?To realize that the Quebec market is very favorable!You can read it in No housing [...]

  4. A downpayment of 5% or 20%

    You were told to wait until you have 20% for a downpayment. What if you could buy NOW with only 5%? Read this article (in French only) to see the benefits to buy with only 5% downpayment, here.  [...]

  5. How to refresh your house in hot weather?

    Of course, you can strut around the shopping centers, where the air conditioning is present. But what if you want to stay at your residence on a hot day? Follow the advice of Canal Vie in the article How to refresh your home in hot [...]

  6. Create a zen decor with these items

    What's better than feeling good at home, especially when there is a relaxing atmosphere? Come discover these few objects giving a zest to your home in this article of the Journal Métro: 8 objets pour un intérieur zen Good reading! [...]

  7. Foreign buyers do not really influence our market!

    Do you have the feeling that foreign investors influence the real estate sector in Quebec and more specifically in Montreal? And if we told you they have little influence, would you believe us? See the real statistics in the article in [...]

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