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  1. Calculation of the 2019 rent increase.

    The Régie du logement has established the applicable percentages this January 18th, 2019.You can see below the percentages used to calculate the 2019 rent increases, in accordance with the Regulation respecting the criteria for the fixing [...]

  2. Easy, low maintenance indoor plants.

    Indoor plants provide many benefits. In addition to beautify, they can be useful to clean up our interiors air. Many of us buy houseplants to see them wither and die after a few months. The air too dry, not having green thumb, etc., are [...]

  3. Some year-end 2018 real estate figures.

    Greater Montreal Continues to Record Strong Growth In Residential Sales. According to Centris and the Greater Montreal Real Estate Board (GMREB), the region continues to record growing sales volumes. Photo by Samuel Charron via Unsplash. [...]

  4. Questions to Ask While Visiting an Apartment

    The period of lease renewals is fast approaching. If you plan to move this summer, your housing research should start soon. Just like buying a property, renting an apartment or house must be planned and requires preparations that should [...]

  5. A portable fire extinguisher at home

    The smoke detector is the most affordable way to save lives during a fire. This is an essential and mandatory element for the safety of the occupants of a private home. Fire extinguishers are also important to ensure security in our [...]

  6. Insure your property at its fair value!

    Is your property insured at its fair value? When we buy insurance for our property, our insurer sets an insurable value. Is it updated according to the rising costs of materials and labor as it should? It appears that insurance companies' [...]

  7. Exterior cladding: give a second life to your property!

    Renovating the facade of a property is a real investment. In most cases, it adds value. If you plan to sell it in the near future, it will definitely be a way to differentiate yourself from comparable ones and therefore to put a better [...]

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