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  1. What checks should I make during a visit?

    Visit a property before buying it: obviously! However, once back home, do you have all the elements in your possession to make the right decision and make an offer to purchase? Sutton Quebec gives you some good procedures to make your [...]

  2. Professional retraining: to become a real estate broker?

    Taking a turn in your life and thinking about a professional retraining is also a great personal challenge. You may be looking for an exciting, human job where every day will be why not become a real estate broker? At Sutton [...]

  3. The 9 unwritten rules of good neighborhood

    Sunday morning, the children are asking for pancakes. Alas! You have no more flour. If, thirty years ago, your mother used to knock on the neighbor's door to borrow flour, what about the rules of good manners between neighbors in 2020? [...]

  4. Declutter your home for sale or move

    Whether it is for a move, in order to put your house up for sale soon or simply to occupy your days in these times of confinement, decluttering your house certainly has several unsuspected benefits, including the power to reduce your [...]

  5. Expand or relocate.

    You need more space and the first option is to move.But you love your home very much and you have a little bit of a heart attack at the thought of leaving your property. Have you thought about expanding your space? The expansion is one [...]

  6. Sell your house in the spring!

    In the spring, the real estate market is generally more dynamic.If you want to sell your property during this season, you will have to stand out and showcase your property. We therefore offer you some significant points that could make you [...]

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