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  1. What not to do in decoration?

    Do you want to decorate your home soon? Check out these tips from Brigitte Poitras in Les Radieuses magazine, helping you create a pro setting! Find them in the article (in french only): Les cinq faux-pas les plus communs en déco Happy [...]

  2. Rents in Montreal, always more expensive

    Like the cost of living, apartment rents continue to increase year after year.It is mentioned in this article of the newspaper Les Affaires, that since the last market survey done in 2015, a growth of 7.77% of the average rent is observed, [...]

  3. Garden without a garden in an urban setting, really?

    Did you know that some boroughs in the city of Montreal allow you to garden in a tree square? This initiative was adopted to allow municipal beautification and a better quality of life for urban trees. Inquire with your borough to find [...]

  4. Change of address: Notify Hydro-Québec promptly

    Recently moved? It is important to notify Hydro-Québec quickly if electricity is not included in your new lease, otherwise it may be cut off! To find out more, read the article in the Journal de Montréa é (in french only)l: Hydro-Québec: [...]

  5. Protect your home during your vacation!

    Here are some practical tips to remember nothing and leave nothing to chance when you are outside for your holidays. Thanks to this checklist, presented by CAA-Quebec, you can leave your mind at peace! For more information, read the full [...]

  6. Do not forget insurance!

    Do you know that the cost of a premium can be influenced during a move? Do you also know everything that is covered during a move? Come and discover it in this CAA-Quebec article, which allows you to learn more about the subject: Moving? [...]

  7. Increase in municipal taxes: Why and how?

    To help you understand better how and why municipal taxes are increasing, our team has chosen to share this article explaining transfer taxes, the property value tax and 3 possible increases. To find out more, access the article in the [...]

  8. New housing not yet available?

    What if your new home is not available yet? It is always better to coordinate the departure and arrival of the old and new renters. If the former tenant does not leave the premises on the scheduled date, he can not refuse entry to the new [...]

  9. Decrease of the owners in difficulties!

    Good news! According to the documents published in the Quebec Land Register and collated by JLR in May 2018, it has been shown that the number of owners in difficulty has decreased by 14% compared to the previous year. To find out more, [...]

  10. 5 tips to fully enjoy the summer season

    Thanks to Health Canada's advice, you could enjoy the summer as much as possible by creating a cool space on your property! Find them in this article from quebechebdo (in french only): Cinq trucs pratiques pour rehausser votre demeure [...]

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