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  1. Black: The color of the year 2018

    Chic, glamorous, urban, black has never ceased to intrigue the great fashionistas and designers of this world. In 2018, Sico chose black Fonte as the color of the year to adopt to accentuate the walls of your home. Discover how to create [...]

  2. Are you ready to face the rising waters?

    It is well known, after the rain the sun shines! But do you know what to do when the rain drags on and the spring floods begin? Come discover four types of emergency pumps in the article in the Journal de Montréal: Votre maison est-elle [...]

  3. Equip your home for charging an electric car

    Thinking of buying an electric car? But have you thought about installing an appropriate charging station? By reading the article, Equipping the home for charging an electric car, you will learn how to choose your refill well. There are [...]

  4. Good news for future buyers in Montreal!

    It is good to know that everyone can find his account with the new grant program of the administration Plante in Montreal. In fact, families buying a property in the downtown area can claim a grant of $ 15,000 (depending on the conditions [...]

  5. Some tax news

    Are you currently preparing your tax returns? Then this article is for you! The sutton - québec group team has found this article that discusses some of the tax news. For example, in Quebec you can benefit from an enhanced tax credit [...]

  6. Fit your bathroom brilliantly!

    The layout of your bathroom should be considered in the same way as the layout of your kitchen. Indeed, the complexity of the implementation of the elements and the important costs must be considered when planning the look of it. We have [...]

  7. Smoking at home, a risk to calculate

    With the legalization of marijuana scheduled for July 2018, many homeowners have sent lease renewals reminding tenants of the ban on smoking inside homes that claim to be "smoke-free." While the legalization of marijuana has made it [...]

  8. Buy a property with unfinished work

    Our team unearthed this article presenting three renovation scenarios (exterior, interior and total stoppage of work) when the seller did not finish at the time of the sale. Is it better to let the seller finish or finish the work in [...]

  9. How to make a success of your renovation projects

    It's time for you to start renovating. This is a very important step and will certainly require time and money! How to make this project a real success? In a renovation project, the plan is a very important element, which makes you think [...]

  10. Buy a residence alone or in couple

    The sutton - québec group team found this article concerning the figures for the number of private households consisting of a single person and households counting a couple who wish to acquire a property. The points that emerge from this [...]

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