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  1. Build your home gym

    You want to start a home fitness program. You do not have a specially reserved basement or room that you will have to set for your future training. Don’t give up the idea of training at home. In order to help you in this project, we are [...]

  2. Renovation work in co-ownership

    Become a co-owner or owner? There are a lot of questions, and for some, the operation of a house seems to be easier and the condominium seems to require a minimum of intervention with regard to the maintenance of the building. It is true [...]

  3. Familiarize yourself with Feng Shui.

    * Feng Shui teaches us how to create the spaces in our environment so that the energy around us, which is called Chi in China, can flow as much as possible.From this harmonious circulation within our environment will result a positive [...]

  4. Decorate for thanksgiving.

    Are you planning a dinner with family or friends on the Thanksgiving weekend? In addition the time you will spend in your kitchen cooking good dishes, would you like to spend some time decorating your table and being in a beautiful autumn [...]

  5. Fire prevention in a few points

    There is never enough information about home safety, especially when there is a fire. Here we give you a few points that may remind you or acclimate you with different safety procedures in the event of a fire in your home.   1- If it is [...]

  6. Clothing drive, food drive and other for

    Thanks to the generosity of all, the association "Dans la rue" is able to respond to the youth’s immediate needs and also help them to build a brighter future. In order to help them, financial donations represent means of helping the [...]

  7. Beautiful plants with little light!

    You lack light in your home? With the end of summer and the days getting shorter, the brightness will be less present in your interior spaces? Your plants are drying out at high speed V when you buy them. But you really want to bring [...]

  8. Tiny shoebox homes

    "Shoeboxes" (shoe boxes) are small single-family homes that can be found in many parts of Montreal such as Rosemont, Hochelaga, etc. Built mostly at the beginning of the 20th century by workers, these houses are made of wood and on a [...]

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