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  1. Inclusions and exclusions when purchasing a property

    Inclusions and exclusions can be a source of contention when selling/buying property. It is important to be well informed when you find the property you want. During your visit, it is possible that the luxurious chandelier of the dining [...]

  2. Difference between

    When the time comes to decide to become a homeowner, many hesitate before making the big jump because they fear debts, especially a debt of such a large amount. But remember, a debt, no matter what the circumstances, can be good or bad. [...]

  3. Arrange his renovations before he sells.

    If you are planning to sell your property soon, the arrival of winter marks the beginning of preparations.The good time to sell is coming very soon. You want to sell but do renovations before. That’s a good thing. Before you start some [...]

  4. When do I need to renovate some of my property?

    In your property, some elements expire" after a while. Once this period has been reached, it is good to carry out inspections and/or to carry out their replacement. Here are some elements for which we inform you of the expiration period. [...]

  5. Winter is the right time to buy ....

    A cottage. Winter is certainly the right time to buy a cottage.Take advantage of current opportunities. - Sellers are usually very motivated. For those who put their cottage up for sale at this time of year, winter maintenance costs such [...]

  6. Ratios relevant to your real estate projects.

    Before you start your real estate projects, there are several keys ratios that are important to know.To get more information about its, we recommend you to contact one of our real estate brokers who will know how to accompany you [...]

  7. Terminate the lease upon access to the property.

    Many new real estate buyers organize themselves in their search in order to be able to visit the notary around June-July: period for lease purposes. However, your property search can take several months, it is better to start your steps [...]

  8. Use a rental property management or not?

    Want to get into real estate investment? You do not want to buy a 4-plex or 5-plex, but going beyond it. You are looking for a rental building, with much more than 5 units.You are ready to embark on visits with the help of your real [...]

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