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  1. Opt for home staging to sell your property

    Doing home staging at home is a must for selling your property in order to make a good impression and allow potential buyers to project themselves and imagine themselves living there. Home staging, or "real estate valuation", is a set of [...]

  2. 8 criteria for choosing your future neighbourhood

    When buying a property, choosing your neighbourhood is a very important part of finding the home of your dreams. Indeed, we not only choose a house, we also choose a neighbourhood. To make an informed decision, here are 8 criteria to add [...]

  3. What you should know about a sale without legal warranty

    During your research to purchase real estate, you have certainly read the words "sale without legal warranty, at the buyer's risk and peril ". This practice is mainly done in the case of property that we may have received as an [...]

  4. 6 simple ideas to refresh your bathroom

    Bathrooms are often overlooked spaces in terms of style and decoration. Yet it is a widely used room that has a lot of potential. Whether it is for you or for the sale of your property, refreshing your bathrooms can add great value. [...]

  5. How to become a real estate broker: the steps to follow

    You are seeking new challenges, an exciting career and you are considering real estate brokerage? Starting a career as a real estate broker does not happen spontaneously. It is important to know the mandatory steps that you must follow in [...]

  6. How to successfully sell your home

    Selling your house is a very big project that can seem like a puzzle. It is important to be well prepared in order to make your property irresistible in the eyes of buyers. Here are tips to follow and things to consider in order to [...]

  7. Tips for Enjoying Your Backyard on Fresh Evenings

    In recent years, the end of summer and the beginning of fall have offered beautiful temperatures giving the impression of a prolonged summer. What does not change, on the other hand, are the evenings which get cold quickly. This requires [...]

  8. 6 inexpensive ideas to modernize your kitchen

    An old-fashioned kitchen has a strong tendency to catch the eye ... the wrong way! This can be a drag for future buyers. The kitchen goes a long way in selling a house. Indeed, a renovated and up to date kitchen brings a lot of value to a [...]

  9. 10 tips for rooms that look bigger

    Whether it's for your well-being at home or to prepare your property for sale, there are several ways to adapt your rooms to make them appear more spacious without having to embark on major renovations. With a little work, even the tiniest [...]

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