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  1. Tax credits for property owners

    The tax and benefit filing deadline is coming up. Do you know that as a homeowner you could benefit from tax credits? Here is what you can do to apply for credit on your next return.   - Tax Credit for the Upgrading of Residential [...]

  2. JP Chartrand, President of Sutton Ottawa.

    JP Chartrand is President of Sutton Ottawa. With 10 years of experience and hundreds of successful transactions under his belt, his clients have come to expect nothing less from him than the utmost professionalism, genuine service and most [...]

  3. Activities for your snowstorm tomorrow.

    In the aftermath of large snowstorms, the exterior can often represent a hostile area.If while the storm hit you were warm inside, try to turn your storm tomorrow into days of activities with your kids in your yard. Here are some ideas [...]

  4. Watch out for manual snow removal!

    Manual snow removal is the method of snow removal with a simple snow shovel. To avoid accidents, here are some rules you should follow: - Wear waterproof boots to protect your feet and legs. - Cover your head and hands to avoid [...]

  5. The Promise to Purchase

    The promise to purchase is the means by which you inform the seller of your firm intention to purchase his property under certain conditions. In this form you establish, among other things, the conditions under which you wish to purchase [...]

  6. Pot grow-ops: taking every precaution.

    Do you know what a pot grow-ops is. These are houses that have been identified as having been used or used for the cultivation of marijuanas. Although the Cannabis Act is now in force, production or cultivation of cannabis remains illegal [...]

  7. What lighting for your coloured walls?

    Do you know that lighting influences the perception of the colours of your walls and furniture in your interiors. Depending on the type of lighting, your walls will not have the same visual effect. Let’s quickly look at artificial [...]

  8. Setting up a winter garden

    Winter doesn’t mean we don’t need a garden.Yes, even in winter you can enjoy a home garden. What do you mean? In a first step, thanks to a veranda or a corner very well lit naturally of your stay.Then, go to the layout of the places. - [...]

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