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  1. Ratios relevant to your real estate projects.

    Before you start your real estate projects, there are several keys ratios that are important to know.To get more information about its, we recommend you to contact one of our real estate brokers who will know how to accompany you [...]

  2. Terminate the lease upon access to the property.

    Many new real estate buyers organize themselves in their search in order to be able to visit the notary around June-July: period for lease purposes. However, your property search can take several months, it is better to start your steps [...]

  3. Use a rental property management or not?

    Want to get into real estate investment? You do not want to buy a 4-plex or 5-plex, but going beyond it. You are looking for a rental building, with much more than 5 units.You are ready to embark on visits with the help of your real [...]

  4. The importance of home insurance as a tenant

    For most of us, we all have home insurance. It is very important to have one in order to protect our home and our furniture. However, home insurance may seem optional to many. Useful home insurance even if you are a tenant.Even if you [...]

  5. When your stair steps turn into a work of art

    A DIY project for the realization of a work of art in your property?We propose to turn your stairs into a renovation project that could create a work of art within your home. Approach your risers and be guided by the inspirations [...]

  6. Interior floor coverings

    Which flooring for which room in our houses? Before making your choice, it is important to take the time necessary to select a product that meets the needs of your different spaces. For example, does the space need a water-resistant [...]

  7. Build your home gym

    You want to start a home fitness program. You do not have a specially reserved basement or room that you will have to set for your future training. Don’t give up the idea of training at home. In order to help you in this project, we are [...]

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