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  1. Originality in its decoration

    You want to bring originality in your decoration? Are you good at DIY?Here are some examples that will certainly spark your creativity.Hanging gardens with lamp.     @ - Pinterest [...]

  2. Outdoor activities with little space

    Here are some ideas for outdoors activities to do with your children, whether you have a garden or a balcony. - Let your children play with a mixture of potting soil, freshly cut grass, flowers, small stones, all in a bin or a toy storage [...]

  3. Show wood in bathroom!

    You want to use wood in your bathroom? This is quite possible. Here are some information that can help you. Don’t be afraid of moisture! It is, of course, essential that the wood in your bathroom be moisture resistant. Each wood [...]

  4. Home orientation for optimal sun exposure

    When we are looking for houses, one of the most popular criteria is sun exposure. Is it better to buy a house or apartment facing south, north, etc.? How a house is oriented in relation to the sun can have an important impact on heating [...]

  5. Landscaping

    In order to boost curb appeal, you can develop it using more elements such as lawn, grass, plants, trees, but also - Pavers- Concrete slabs- Techo-block- Lawn edging - Pavers or slab:Pavers are concrete blocks that are put together to [...]

  6. The rental of accommodation

    The lease is a contract between the tenant and the Lessee (the one who leases the unit and is most often the owner or a management agency, or others). The landlord undertakes to offer the tenant a housing in good condition and to assure [...]

  7. Get rid of Ragweed!

    Ragweed is a very common widespread weed in Quebec affects many people because its pollen causes seasonal rhinitis. It is found from May to October and begins to bloom and produce pollen in mid-July. Pollen causes allergic reactions in [...]

  8. Property Assessment

    Municipal property assessments are primarily used to fund the two major components of the local area, school boards and municipal organizations. A summary of the inventory of buildings located in the territory of a municipality and [...]

  9. Draw on his walls

    In order to personalize and make its interior decoration original, you can dress your interior walls in different ways. You can paint your own walls with color combinations that suit your personality, or wallpaper designs of your choice. [...]

  10. What about unused furniture ?

    What to do with furniture or other effects that you do not want to keep. You can, of course, sell them, but if you want to donate them, how can you do that? You have furniture that is in good condition but for many reasons is no longer [...]

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