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  1. Home orientation for optimal sun exposure

    When looking for houses or apartments, the most popular criterion is exposure to the sun. Is it better to buy a house or apartment facing south, facing north, etc. ? Sutton Quebec gives you some tips on the ideal orientation of your home. [...]

  2. Eliminate the smell of cigarettes in your home

    You have just moved into your new home and have cleaned all the rooms from top to bottom ... only there is a smell of cigarettes and/or cannabis in several rooms. And yet, you have not kept any furniture from former tenants. You have moved [...]

  3. Calculating moving costs

    The costs of a move can vary widely depending on how, where and also the volume. In any case, anticipating them will allow you to reduce them and better manage the unforeseen. Sutton Québec offers you a list of all the costs to be expected [...]

  4. The 2020 real estate market and its 2021 outlook

    The year 2020 was very special in all areas due to the context of the pandemic, but it was not negative for real estate, on the contrary. Confinement, teleworking or even the search for larger spaces among other factors have had a definite [...]

  5. How to maintain your house throughout the year?

    It is certain that when the good weather arrives, it is time to get busy with the maintenance of your property. But still, a home needs attention all year round. Sutton Quebec offers you a list of best practices for maintaining your home [...]

  6. What are the buyers' hold backs and how to remedy them?

    To sell your property quickly, it is important to put all your chances on your side. Knowing the expectations of future buyers as well as their obstacles to the acquisition of a property will allow you to anticipate and sometimes even [...]

  7. The code of honour of a Sutton Broker

    As a Sutton Broker, I pledge to… Serve you with professionalism I will carry out my activities with great skill, experience, and to the best of my abilities, while maintaining my commitment towards the franchiser and its Brand. Be loyal [...]

  8. Working as a family: the Emmanuelle Beaudet team

    The Emmanuelle Beaudet team continues our theme of "Working as a Family"! In order to establish the context of family ties: Emmanuelle and Pascale are sisters; Yannick is Emmanuelle’s husband. All three work together with well defined [...]

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