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  1. 6 tips to save on your pool and spa costs

    Do you want to make the most of your pool or spa this summer? At times, however, you may find that the electric bill goes up quickly. In fact, 70% of your summer electricity bill could be related to the operation of your pool or spa. So [...]

  2. 3 tips to optimize and save space at home

    The more years go by, the more business we accumulate at home. What if over the years our house could gain a few square feet? Here are some simple tips to optimize and save space.   Tip # 1: useful or not  Before embarking on various [...]

  3. How to provoke the buyer's crush?

    You sell your property and, when it comes time to market, the stress rises? You're hoping for a multitude of visits and that feeling is quite normal, but ... it only takes one visit for a buyer to make an offer. So how do you create a [...]

  4. 3 essential purchasing criteria in 2021

    The current context has had a lot of impact on our way of life and our way of seeing things. What seemed important to us yesterday may not be important today, while other things are. Purchasing behavior has thus evolved in recent months [...]

  5. 10 essentials to maintaining your home in the Spring

    Melting snow, sun power of 20 degrees, small flowers in the garden, here we are: Spring. This season also heralds a great boost in motivation to tidy up, wash, sort, and also maintain and repair your house after Winter. Here are 10 [...]

  6. Sharing a good state of mind, that of Myriam Normand

    Myriam Normand is a real estate broker with the real estate agency groupe sutton - nouvelle demeure. It was with great generosity that she created an event that was reported in many media in Quebec and well beyond. A great action that we [...]

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