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  1. Do you know how to choose your stove properly?

    Do you know how to choose your stove properly?Here are some recommendations to help you make an informed choice. You will need to consider some questions about space, design, proposed options, installation options and power sources. [...]

  2. A more energy efficient home

    Have you thought about making some energy retrofits to your home.This would allow you, primarily, to reduce your energy consumption and your energy bills, so are you tempted? Here are some tips. - For heavy work, in order to trap heat, [...]

  3. Some figures on the real estate market in July 2019

    According to the July 2019 monthly report on the real estate market in Quebec, we present some sector highlights in a few figures. 12% increase in single-family sales from July 2018  Property sales of 2-5 homes up 9% from July 2018  [...]

  4. The risk of selling alone.

    You decided to sell your property on your own, and thus save money? This is a choice that could save you a few pennies, but it could also lead to many risks that should not be overlooked. Without a real estate broker when you sell your [...]

  5. Rainwater harvesting

    Do you know that it can be very useful to reuse rainwater? Rainwater is ideal for: - Water your plants, garden or vegetable garden because it has a low mineralization and a slightly acidic ph, in addition to not containing chlorine. - [...]

  6. Eliminate unpleasant odours from your animals.

    You just adopted a friend and you’re a little confused by the little accidents that happen: pee on the floor, on the carpet, on fabrics, etc.Or you just want to mask some animal smells that you’re clearly not used to. Here are some easy, [...]

  7. Invest in housing for your student child.

    Time flies and your child will be a student by next fall. You are probably thinking about the money that will be spent in the next few years. Moreover, you do not live close to the university where he will be attending university in the [...]

  8. Decorate your home for an extended holiday

    Are you just coming back from vacation and you’re already missing that? Would you extend that for the rest of the year? If you are planning to renovate your home, here are some ideas for decorations that will make you feel on [...]

  9. Mold in the house.

    Moulds is a fungus fungi, invisible to the individual eye.These fungus multiply inside buildings on porous materials (such as wood, cardboard, fabrics, gypsum board, etc.) that they feed on in the presence of excess water and/or [...]

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