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  1. Create a zen decor with these items

    What's better than feeling good at home, especially when there is a relaxing atmosphere? Come discover these few objects giving a zest to your home in this article of the Journal Métro: 8 objets pour un intérieur zen Good reading! [...]

  2. Foreign buyers do not really influence our market!

    Do you have the feeling that foreign investors influence the real estate sector in Quebec and more specifically in Montreal? And if we told you they have little influence, would you believe us? See the real statistics in the article in [...]

  3. Create a haven for your home

    Small, medium or big budget, these few tips will help you gain light in your home, while creating space and functionality in your environment. Curious to discover these tricks metamorphosis? Visit the Metro newspaper article (in french [...]

  4. Strategies for financing your home renovations

    Presented by:  Strategies for financing your home renovations Financing the renovations for your house, condo or cottage is crucial before you can give your project the green light. Here are some ways to finance your home improvement [...]

  5. When the real estate sector is going well!

    The beginning of the year 2018 was spectacular on the side of the condominiums, compared to the last two years. In addition, despite the three key rate increases since 2017 and the latest mortgage tightening, it is impressive to see that [...]

  6. Beautify your home with these surprise herbs

    You have moved into your new home, a desire to grow herbs take hold of you. Before going on to conquer these, discover these sorts of herbs with an unusual taste in the article of La Presse (in french only): Fines herbes cachottières [...]

  7. Alternative: Rent before buying your property

    Do you feel caught between the desire to own a property and your credit difficult to trace? Here is a nice alternative for you to consider a rise in your credit, while giving you the chance to own the property you dream! Access the full [...]

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