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  1. Purchase a Land Property

    Purchasing a land property can be a good idea for an investment or just for your family patrimony. It is important to take the right steps before and after purchase to ensure your plans for the property can be carried out smoothly.  [...]

  2. Air conditioners: Which one to choose?

    This summer, you want to stay cool in your home while the heat wave rages outside. The air conditioning system will be a good choice. Above all, focus on the following points: Power Energy efficiency Noise Then it is important to [...]

  3. How to keep your bouquet of flowers?

    How to keep your bouquet of flowers? If you want to help your bouquet of fresh flowers last longer, you will need to follow these few steps: Step 1: Add 1 quart warm water to a clean vase. Step 2: Pour 2 Tbsp sugar into the water. The [...]

  4. ‘24 Hours of Golf’ Raises $50,000

    Ottawa, ON – Lifelong friends and avid golfers Colin Zappia and Scott Johnson recently honoured their fathers with a unique indoor golf fundraiser. On April 26 and 27, 2019, at Golf-O-Max, they held the first annual 24 Hours of Golf event [...]

  5. Get ready for summer and save money!

    Winter is over and for several months we will not need to run our heating. The electricity bills will certainly be lower, but that does not exempt us from paying attention to our daily actions if we want to save money on our bills. * Hang [...]

  6. Which material to choose for your kitchen countertops?

    What kind of material would you choose for your kitchen countertops? Here are some of them, while exposing you their advantages and disadvantages. This will allow you to help you and make a good choice. Granite Pros – Requires very [...]

  7. Blue Martini

    The sutton-synergy group makes it a point of honor to organize events and activities to raise funds for the Canadian Cancer Society, which we also support. This year, once again, the organizing committee of Christiane Lavoie, Joanne [...]

  8. Condo vs. house!

    You want to buy a property. How to decide between a house vs a condo? A condo is a good choice for a buyer who: doesn’t have the interest, time or ability to take care of the regular maintenance or repairs of a house (plumbing, [...]

  9. Clean up your home in 30 minutes

    You receive a call, announcing an unexpected visit from your great aunt. Cleaning! Quick, you must clean! Before you panic, read Clean Up Your Home in 30 Minutes, from Canal Vie, and become a household pro ... or camouflage pro! [...]

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